5 Do’s and Don’ts to Gain Respect as a Leader

Want to be respected as a leader? It won’t come easily. It’s not freely given. Yet it’s not complicated either.

Here are 5 do’s…then 5 don’ts of gaining respect as a leader:


Don’t be someone you’re not

Don’t commit to more than you can do

Don’t suppress people

Don’t use people for personal gain

Don’t take out your pain on others.


Do be yourself

Do what you say you will do

Do empower people

Do help people achieve their goals

Do help others recover from their pain.

Add your own do’s or don’ts to be respected as a leader.

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13 thoughts on “5 Do’s and Don’ts to Gain Respect as a Leader

  1. ~ Do lead yourself first.
    ~ Do surround yourself with people courageous enough to speak truthfully about what’s best for your organization and the stakeholders you serve.
    ~ Do work hard; but, also build an exceptional family life.
    ~ Be a master of your craft.
    ~ Smile.

  2. Do be called to God 1st
    Do treat-train people like they are servant-leaders not volunteers
    Do have a priority to “dig deeper” learn their heart
    Do check your motives daily
    Don’t judge by outward appearances
    Don’t talk about someone, talk to them

    Twitter: kmac4him