Why I Hate Religion, but Love Jesus

By January 12, 2012Encouragement, Jesus
Ron Edmondson

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  • Matt Richard says:

    Has anyone stopped to ask the question, “Why do people hate religion, but love Jesus?”

  • Curtis O. Fletcher says:

    Yeah, I watched this too after several people posted it and raved. My struggle is that he uses the word "religion" a little too indiscriminately. It has become way too easy these days to take shots at people who are "religious" and churches that are "religious" and take shots at them because after all we supposed to just love Jesus. But replace the word "religion" with the phrase "immature Christians" in a video like this and it becomes rather condemning of the speaker.
    Just doesn't strike me as striving after unity.

    • ronedmondson says:

      Thanks Curtis. Several have commented on this. It's worthy of a post of my own I believe. I think it is semantics. Religion, in and of itself, is a good word.

  • Ruth says:

    I don't hate religion. I RESPECT ALL RELIGIONS. I hate it when religion becomes God to some people.

  • True! In the Bible, Pharisees were found practicing hanging on to the religion forgetting about the real God. The Pharisees were like a religious and political group esteeming the "letter" of the law of Moses (more so than the "spirit" of the law), and they so esteemed the oral traditions that were said to have sprung from the law, that they developed strict applications of the law for everyday life. We should be careful enough not to repeat the same mistake. Unlike the Pharisees, we are not to treat traditions as having equal authority as Scripture, and we are not to allow our relationship with God to be reduced to a legalistic list of rules and rituals.

  • Joshua says:

    There is a definition fail in this video (Note: With free dictionaries online, it is not hard to look up the word "Religion" to see if what you are saying about it is accurate. He got one of the meanings, but affirmed himself as an adherent of a religion in another meaning.). However, other than that, a mostly good video.

    • ronedmondson says:

      I think what the reference is to is the cultural understanding of religion, but I agree. Religion as a word is not inherently bad. It's the practice of…Thanks!

  • Laurinda says:

    this is filmed in the courtyard of the high school I attended in Tacoma! I loved that school Stadium High – the Castle on the Rock!

    Great video. I saw it go viral today on Twitter and Facebook, but finally just watched it.

    • Melissa says:

      Oh wow! I kept looking at that building wondering where it was… Beautiful building. Very cool school.

      • Laurinda says:

        Melissa you can Google "Stadium HIgh School, Tacoma WA" and look at the images. It sits right on Puget Sound Bay with views of Mt. Rainier. It was being built in the late 1800's as a hotel with the railroad. A fire gutted it. It sat abandoned until the school district bought it . The school has been operating since 1910. We celebrated it's centennial anniversary last year. Stadium bowl was constructed (carved out of the earth next to the school) and opens to Puget Sound.Those of us who graduated from there are proud of that school and it's legacy!

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