10 Lies Men Believe

I sat with a man recently. He’s lost his job, can’t find another and it’s having an impact on his marriage. I quickly diagnosed his real problem. Not that I’m an expert in diagnosing problems, but I’ve seen this one many times and his language made it clear.

He said things like, “I used to be able to…” and “I don’t think I’ll ever…”. It seemed clear to me, so I took a chance and told him my theory. He was believing a lie.

If you’re a man, at some point, you’ve probably believed one of these lies:

I will fail if I try

I don’t measure up

I am not as good as he is

I don’t have what it takes

I can’t win

I can do this and no one will know

I can’t be honest about that

I’m the only one who has ever struggled with this

I can’t recover from that

I can’t be the spiritual leader of my home

If you’ve been hit with a setback, if you are licking your wounds from a failure, if you simply can’t find your way right now, you may be allowing the enemy, the world or your own mind to feed you some lies.

One way out of the “funk” may be to insert some truth into your life. (Look up these verses as a start: Philippians 4:13, Joshua 1:9, 1 John 4:4, Psalm 121:1.)

Which of the above lies are you currently believing?

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35 thoughts on “10 Lies Men Believe

  1. My fauvorite book about the lies that satan spread to us is '' victory over the darkness'' by Neil T. Anderson. Neil, in all his books, explain that we are no longer slaves of our past, experiences etc. AND WE ARE NEW PERSONS IN JESUS CHRIST ! WHAT AN AMAZING TRUTH ! AND WE HAVE TO BELIEVE THE GOSPEL IF WE WANT TO SEE OURSELVES THROUGHT THE EYES OF GOD !

  2. I identify with the statements "I can do this and no one will know" and "I cant be honest about that". It has been one of my greatest struggle but I do want to recover and be under God's leadership and grace again.

  3. I think you said a great deal, here! Many people think insecurity is something you are raised with, something you develope from childhood. It comes from not dealing with failure properly and it can be developed at any age by anyone! Satan sneaks in anywhere! He’s good at what he does! Those are some of his best lies.
    Twitter: bryankr

  4. After telling a marketing guru I had the desire to plant a church, he told me, "Agh, that's a young man's work." I believed that for a while. In my heart, I know it's a lie. If it is to be, whatever my age, God will make it so.

  5. I think it's a universal male thing – to feel like an impostor. To feel like everyone is smooth and everyone is successful except for you. The male ego naturally wants to put up a front. So we see other people's fronts and think it's reality. It's easy to compare ourselves to others and feel like a failure.
    I love that "be strong and courageous" passage you listed from Joshua. That has been something I've had to tell myself multiple times.

  6. As a man who has struggled with an addiction which led to the smoking ruins of a 26-year marriage, I can attest to the power of many/most/all of these lies in my own life. As I am still in recovery both for my addiction and my divorce, it amazes me how often and quickly these lies continue to jump up into my path, often times when things are otherwise going well.

    @Mike: Yes, becoming immersed in God's Word and Spirit is the answer, but don't expect immediate results. From my own experience, these lies have been working on my psyche for years, and it will take some time for them to be overcome. While I do not mean to minimize God's power, I anticipate a gradual recovery that can only come with repeated, consistent immersion, crushing old habits and establishing new ones. But, I also anticipate recovery that will have a long lasting impact on my life and my fellowship, not only with God (in ALL three persons), but with those around me as well.

  7. For me in many areas of my life, but especially in the struggle for my marriage I think it's "I can't win". Although my phrase for that is "It doesn't make any difference how hard I try, or how hard I work or if I do my best or not; the outcome is the same as if I didn't try at all"