African Cats: The Movie

I can’t wait to see Disney’s new movie African Cats. I love exploring God’s handiwork in creation. And African cats are amazing. I love the imagery of a mother in this video trailer.

Are you going to see this movie?

What animal in God’s creation fascinates you the most?

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3 thoughts on “African Cats: The Movie

  1. My husband & I enjoyed both Planet Earth & Life – we ignore all the evolution comments in the running commentary, and simply marvel at God’s handiwork. My personal favorite? The bowerbird.

    The male bowerbird decorates his nest to impress females. He uses berries, bugs, flowers, straw, anything he can find. It is neatly organized and arranged to make the best impression. So amazing!

    My guess is we’ll probably end up seeing the Africa Cats at some point.