5 High Costs of Character

Being a man or woman of character doesn’t come without some cost associated. If you want to have character that stands strong among the crowds, it will be expensive.

Here are 5 high costs to pay for having character:

Ignoring the right to get even…

Forfeiting profit over integrity…

Refusing personal gain for the greater good…

Resisting temptation when no one would know…

Forgiving when it hurts…

Of course, not all of these require sacrificing character. Thankfully you can still make a profit and maintain your character, but there will be times the choice for character requires the willingness to sacrifice.

You’ll give up a lot to become a person of character, but you’ll gain far more.

What other costs would you add to my list?

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15 thoughts on “5 High Costs of Character

  1. Good thoughts Ron — I am a young guy but I am trying to set a precedence of character for the rest of my life. I think one I would add to your list is: Telling the truth even to yourself.

  2. Great List Ron, you know how I love bullet points. These are great reminders and challenges! See ya next week.