Treat Your Staff Differently. YOU MUST!

I learned something about leadership in the process of inviting our staff to evaluate my leadership. (You can read about that process HERE.)

One of the key things I’ve learned:

You must treat the people you manage differently.

I know that sounds like something I should have known, but honestly I don’t think it ever occurred to me before.  I have taught and modeled this concept for years in my parenting.  My boys are incredibly different.  One requires more structure than the other.  One boy needs nothing else happening in the room if you want his full attention.  One you must understand that his first response will usually be a joke and is not to be taken serious.  One is more relational and needs more of our time as parents.

These same things are present among our team at Grace Community Church. How did I miss this?

It’s a wake up call and one I plan to not only pursue, but also one I plan to learn more about in the future.

Are the people on your team different and do they require different styles of leadership?

Do you adapt your style to the person you are expected to lead?

My three words for marriage post may be the words needed here also. Read it HERE.

Help me here if you have this figured out further than I do.

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