7 Things I’ve Learned or am Learning About God

7 things I’ve learned or am learning about God:

Sometimes God opens doors simply to show me that He can. I’ve seen it many times. God seemed to provide an opportunity, only to later make it clear that’s not the right one for this time. It’s always though an encouragement than when He is ready He can and will make a way.

God’s plan for my life is always bigger than mine. Every. Single. Time. I have underestimated Him all my life. You’d think I’d learn.

When God stretches us we are never the same. God style elastic never goes back completely in place. He has stretched me so many times and each time I was forever changed. I’ve learned the places He stretches He also longs to fill with Himself if I will fully submit to His plan.

God has ways I have never even thought about. You don’t learn this one until after the fact, because you couldn’t script it if you tried. Hollywood couldn’t. But God’s ways are not our ways. Period.

God uses people I wouldn’t have expected. (People like me) It always bothers me when people dismiss others because of their past, apparent inabilities or even their current condition. God tends to make me eat my words when I do that kind of thing. God uses whom God chooses.

God allows the darkest periods of my life to produce the greatest light. Every major breakthrough in my life has come after a period of profound darkness. I’ve learned the best things I know about life and God through the most difficult seasons of my life.

God never gives up on me. In some ways, I feel like Jonah. I’ve never felt called to go to Nineveh, but I’ve resisted going where God called me to go or do at times. Sometimes for a season and sometimes only briefly, but I’ve run. I’ve stalled. In the end, God always has the final word. Imagine that. I end up obeying or my life is a mess until I do.

What’s God taught or teaching you?

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  • Rajat Sharma. rajat441994@gmail.com says:

    I think we can get closer to god if we pray selflessly and with full devotion and we do not go on a wrong path i.e. we have a good behaviour for others and we consider all as equal and we respect all and love all the creations of god and try not to hurt anyone.

  • jonstallings says:

    Just when you think you have something figured out, or just when you thought there was no way for something to happen – God does something unexpected

  • Cindy Holman says:

    Very good thoughts – I'm learning the same things too!

  • Bryan Ruffin

    God has a very selective memory (grateful for that one!) Ps 103:12;

    When He is helping me deal with a problem area…He never allows a third party into the conversation! He is completely trustworthy!

    He has the biggest shoulders: if I am angry, upset, or just confused, He listens to all of it! He let’s me get it off my chest, then helps me find my way through it. (What a Dad!)

  • Greg Conley says:

    Amen brother! Another gr8 post! We stop learning, we stop growing. We don’t apply what we’ve learned, we miss out on God’s best! I know I’ve failed many times in the past but today’s a new day. Have a blessed day brother and thanks for all you do!

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