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Improving International Relations: Lessons Learned from Sierra Leone

One afternoon, because we were so close to the boarder of another country, our team stood with one foot in the country of Sierra Leone and one foot in the country of Guinea. In one step, we brought two countries together.

We made the short drive to the border of the two countries during our time in Sierra Leone. Our pastor friends simply asked a question of the Sierra Leone border officials. Could five crazy Americans step over the line into another country, just to say we had been there? The border officials considered the request, then casually walked across an international geographical border to the Guinea border officials and presented our request. Request granted. It was a simple as that. We caused no problems, shook hands with border officials in both countries, took our pictures and went on our way.

The thought occurred to me. What if all International relations were that easy? The word relations is…after all…part of the word relationship. What if International relations were as easy as forming healthy relationships with other people in other countries? Could it be that easy?

I realize much more is at stake than just snapping a few pictures and relationships take more than one person willing to make them work, but I love to dream.

Praying some International relations improve today. Who is with me?

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