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My Two New Heroes (Ben Stroup and Dave Ferguson)

By September 3, 2009Call to Ministry

If you want to get on my good side, one sure way is to brag on my boys. If you want to become my hero, invest in them.  Both of my boys are incredible young men.  Both have sensed a calling into ministry at some level.  Both are sorting out what their next steps are that God wants them to take.  Anyone who helps them figure out life at this point ranks high on the list of people I admire.  Using that philosophy I have two new heroes.

Ben Stroup is investing in our oldest son Jeremy by allowing him to intern at Lifeway.  Jeremy is a senior at Austin Peay State University majoring in Corporate Communications with a minor in Leadership. He needs to complete an internship in each. Ben has accepted Jeremy into his department for the leadership internship and is already stretching Jeremy with new ideas and challenges. I look forward to watching Jeremy mature under Ben’s mentoring.  Ben is one of the brightest young men I know in ministry these days and Jeremy can learn a ton from him.

Dave Ferguson
is investing in our youngest son Nate at Moody Bible Institute where he is a freshmen.  I have written about the emotional part of letting Nate go (Read a post HERE), but knowing that he is able to grow in his heart for ministry was an important issue for me.  Going from being extremely active in our church plant to being in the center of Chicago knowing no one was a concern for him and me.  Dave has reached out to Nate months before he even arrived in Chicago.  His emails and connections have encouraged Nate beyond what Dave will ever know.  As connected and popular as Dave is, and understanding the demands of his position well, I am impressed with his accessibility to an 18 year old freshmen in college.  It says a lot about his character and heart.

I hope I can return the favor shown to me by these two fine men by investing in someone’s else’s son.  God bless you both for being Kingdom builders.

Who are you investing in today?

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