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Where have all the slogans gone?

By June 21, 2008August 7th, 2019Business, Vision

Can you tell me what product goes with these slogans? 

  • M’m, M’m, Good!
  • It’s the Real Thing…
  • It takes a licking, and keeps on ticking. 
  • Plop plop, fizz fizz, oh what a relief it is!
  • The best part of waking up is ______ in your cup.
  • The milk chocolate melts in your mouth-not in your hand…
  • You’re in good hands with _______.
  • Don’t leave home without it.
  • Let your fingers do the walking.

How did you do?  Could you name them all?  I suspect you were pretty close. Most of these slogans have been around a large part of my life, but even my teenage boys know them.  They are “sticky” slogans.  These slogans helped brand their products. 

My question, and the reason for this post, is what has happened to all the good slogans? Have we run out of good ideas?   I’m trying to determine what the modern day slogans are that my kids will still remember 20 years from now.  Are there still marketing phrases “sticky” enough to make a product stay in our minds; so much so that we can’t get the words, or the product, out of our mind?  Are we still branding things for life?  My hope is that we haven’t lost the art of branding. 

If you know of current, recently introduced “sticky” slogans I may be missing I’d love to hear from you. 

(BTW, We have one slogan at Grace Community Church that I hope never goes away; or at least the principle behind it. Our slogan: Everyone needs a place to start over….that place is Grace.) 


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  • Ron says:

    Heard a great phrase today that may help answer this: Temporary Contemporary. Nothing is contemporary for long anymore.

    Another answer to this is found in Tim Steven’s blog:

  • CialisMn says:


  • Renee Garcia says:

    OK I know all of them but one… “Don’t Leave Home Without It”… and it’s sitting there in my brain… and I’m going to feel dumb when it comes to me in the middle of the night! haha So if I’m late to church tomorrow it’s because I was up all night thinking about it! HA! Kidding, just kidding!

    I can’t think of any today that will stick… I’ll be up all night thinking about that too. Yes, I have a life, I swear! Another one of my favorites from the past is “We love to see you smile”. 🙂

    I like the GCC slogan! Very cool! See you tomorrow!