When you’re struggling with information overload…

Process the information.

One struggle I’ve witnessed consistently with leaders is that they drown in information overload. They have more good ideas than they can implement. They are constantly fed details they can’t handle adequately. They just don’t know what to do with all the stuff in their heads. In fact, they fail to accomplish as much as they could simply because they have more information than they can effectively process.

Does that sound like you?

  • You have a million ideas
  • You have so many opportunities before you
  • You don’t lack for information
  • Your desk is covered with tiny notes to yourself


  • You are struggling to remember things
  • You can’t keep up
  • You frequently see good ideas pass you by
  • You forget what the notes mean when you see them again

Here’s a quick tip:

The more organized the information…the less stress you’ll feel…and the more useful the information will be to you later.

Make a checklist of information in Excel

Get a paper folder system

Learn Evernote

Become a iPad app filing expert

Scan it to your laptop and place it in cyber folders

Doesn’t matter…

Figure out what works for you, but develop and learn a system for processing information.

Invest enough time setting up your method of handling information and it will dramatically improve your leadership capacity.

Don’t let information overwhelm you.

The best leaders I know are excellent at handling large loads of information.

The better you learn to process information, the better you’ll be at making information work for you.

Be honest, do you need to do this?

How do you process information?

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18 thoughts on “When you’re struggling with information overload…

  1. Totally me. Typically post anything that can be public as what I'm thinking about on Facebook, grab paper and pen and write, or document it as a list in a spreadsheet or on a checklist. Love how you think! Can definitely be overwhelming at times too but great.
    Twitter: tijuanabecky

  2. Getting Things Done by David Allen all the way! Paper, Evernote, Moleskine, whatever you like, you get to choose the tools. Great system to handle the hundreds if not thousands of bits of input coming our way. Easy read or audio.

  3. I have a main personal journal that EVERYTHING goes into. I file that journal by month. This is in this journal! LOL! Every thought God purposefully processes is typed in this journal. I have found that God speaks through everything and everyone, so I don’t compartmentalize HIM. I try to make my life a “Constant Conversation” with God. Everything goes into this journal: Constant Conversation With God. I copy it, paste it and then process it with God. I listen and write and then I prayer process it. Lord, what can I learn from this? Holy Spirit speak to my heart? Where can I apply it? How can I share it? How do You want me to use this wisdom? Weekly, I take pieces out of this journal and put them in my online Word Press blog, this is very informal genuine writing. Monthly I glean songs, quotes, pieces to write out of this journal and file them to either share with others or write a piece for my website that God has spoken to me as an exhortation. I am constantly listening, learning, writing and sharing and it is all done with and for God. He is not compartmentalized, I am always available to His Holy Spirit to be led and taught. He is in my all, even though the information I am learning about is a temporary focus, He is an always focus. I find having a Constant Focus of HIM, levels out the mediatic mania of too much information! AWE-GOD!
    Twitter: kmac4him

  4. I struggle with information overload, but one of the things I am focusing on is trying to go deeper in limited areas instead of going wide.

    As far as collecting information and keeping me on track I have been using Action Method Online and it has worked, but this week have started using Trello and see huge benefits with that online "to-do" action system.

    • I've used the Action Method some, but switched to Evernote from that. It was good though. I also, depending on the busyness of the season, use “Things”
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  5. Timely topic with very practical steps, Ron.

    One of the things I do with Twitter is to put sources of good content into a "list" and use an app like Hootsuite to create a column just for that "list". There's no reason why I have to be the only one to come up with content when there are so many others (like you, btw) are generating it as well.