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3 thoughts on “When you live intentionally…

  1. In modern age Man has considered money as bench mark to assess others. In my opinion this bench mark to evaluate others has brought forward many unsocial problems in our society. As God has put greed as an ingredient while he created Man, this ingredient drives many of us very crazy to gain more & more wealth & money. This urge to get more by ethical & unethical means has brought high rate of various crimes into existence. In this race of money & wealth we have forgotten our family values. I have personally witnessed families breaking up due to wealth. People killing their loved ones for wealth. Children putting their parents into old homes as they are of no use for them. The parents who brought them into this world, the mother who kept them in her body for nine months, the father who worked like a robot to give children the best of their future. They are put into worse conditions like garbage. This makes me sick to my stomach.