Living in the Center of God’s Will

Too many people shy away from what God has called them to do…

They run because of:

  • Fear…
  • Uncertainty…
  • Past mistakes…
  • Selfishness…
  • ???????


I’ve learned, however, that the sweetest days of life are when you are found within the center of God’s will for your life...

Even as scary, unknown, uncomfortable and risky as living that way may appear at first…

So…let me ask you…

Are you doing what God has burdened your heart to do?

Are you in the center of His will for your life?

If not, what’s your next move?

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4 thoughts on “Living in the Center of God’s Will

  1. Ron! It's a tough question to answer.

    Yet, my belief is that I strive to move towards the center of His will for my life constantly. In that process, I learn many things and start refining myself. God has given everyone some unique skills and abilities. Am I able to use those unique talents to benefit of many? Or am I wasting my talents?

    I am not sure whether I have reached my destiny but I am confident that I am progressing in my journey .

    • Praying for you, but I know that those times in my life have proven to be invaluable eventually.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson