Doing a Stakeholder Analysis

The longer I lead and manage people, the more I realize that the most important element in leading and managing people is….

Wait for it…

Have you forgotten that principle?

Leadership is about people. It’s relational. It depends on learning how to interact with people, how to encourage them, how to have healthy conflict, how to recruit them, and how to keep them informed.

You get the idea.

That’s not new information, but the problem is that every decision a leader makes impacts people. Some make the leader popular. Other decisions make the leader unpopular. Therefore, it’s easy for many leaders to become people-pleasers, trying to make sure everyone is happy. Other leaders go to another extreme and become a controlling leader; never allowing anyone input into the leader’s life or the decision making process.

One solution for me has been to do a stakeholder analysis of the situation. When I consider the person’s interest and power or influence in the organization, it can help the way I respond in making the decision, who’s involved in that process, and help us stay focussed towards the mission, while still valuing people.

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7 Questions about the Way People Approach a Leader

A couple of young guys made an appointment and came to my office recently to pitch me an idea for a new ministry they hope to start. They had been told I have a passion to empower people to follow their dreams and callings. I instantly loved their heart and the new ministry, but what intrigued me was how nervous they were making the presentation. I understand, because any kind of presentation like can be nerve-racking, and we are a large church, but I’m also their pastor. It made me wonder if I had ever done anything to make them nervous about approaching me. I concluded that it was just the situation, and not our relationship, but it caused a healthy reflection for me for other areas of my leadership.

It forced me to ask how the people on our staff…the people I work with everyday…the ones I call a “team” feel about approaching me with an idea, an issue, or even a criticism or concern. That’s one reason I periodically ask our team this question as part of an annual evaluation process. (Read about that HERE.)

In my opinion, if you are a leader, the way the people you lead approach you says much about the quality of that leadership.

Here are 7 questions to consider about the way people approach you as a leader:
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Getting Safely to the Other Side

After we were brought safely through, we then learned that the island was called Malta. Acts 28:1

I’ve been to Malta….what a beautiful island country! I even visited places Paul supposedly lived while on the island. Paul apparently enjoyed his time there.

Here’s the point that struck me about this verse. […] Continue Reading…

Help Me Make a Mixed Tape

It’s been a while since I made a genuine “mixed tape” for Cheryl. I frequently make CD’s for her to listen to in her car, but it’s mostly with the latest Christian music. I’m thinking she needs another true “mixed tape”. You know…the mushy kind…with all the romantic […] Continue Reading…

10 Myths People Have about the Church

I’ve been in church all my life. I’ve also always been active in my community. I’ve leaerned there are many myths people have about the church…some from people inside the church…some from the people on the outside of the church.

Here are 10 myths I’ve observed frequently:

Some think the pastor […] Continue Reading…

Laughter Yoga: Are You Doing This?

I saw a news report on this recently.  I laughed. No pun intended.

There are clubs like this around the world. Laughing yoga has become somewhat of an institution. In fact, there’s an International Laughing Yoga association. See it HERE. Go to YouTube and you’ll see all kinds of reports on laughing yoga.

Here’s an excerpt CNN did recently:
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