One Question: 3 Game-Changing Responses

This is a guest post from online friend and pastor Nathan Rouse. Nathan is Lead Pastor at Raleigh Christian Community, in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Check out these thoughts from Nathan:

With those I lead, my words carry a lot of weight. With these weighty words I’ve blown it and crushed people […] Continue Reading…

Things I Liked and Things I Didn’t Like About My First Cruise

Cheryl and I went on our first cruise recently. It was the Giving Rocket cruise with my good friend Casey Graham. We went because we love Casey, we needed a break and we always wanted to try a cruise. It was a Royal Caribbean cruise and sailed to the […] Continue Reading…

Dreams, Goals and Plans

Far reaching, seemingly impossible, worthwhile, dependent on faith and huge personal risk, with no guarantee of success.
Defined aspects of realizing the dream. Attainable, stretching and measurable.
Action steps written to systematically complete goals. Assigned, scheduled and accountable.

It won’t be easy, there may be moments of despair, disappointments and setbacks along […] Continue Reading…

Which Version of the Bible Should I Buy as a Gift?

(This diagram is attributed online to, although I could not find it on their site now.)

Every year, especially at Christmas time, one of the most common questions I receive from people in my church and online is “What Bible version should I buy as a gift?” It’s a […] Continue Reading…

How to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Ministry Team

This is a guest post by Dr. Paul White is a business consultant and psychologist, and is the coauthor of The 5 Languages of Appreciation in the Workplace with Dr. Gary Chapman. For more information, go to Here is Dr. White’s guest post:
How to Reduce Holiday Stress for Your Ministry Team
“The […] Continue Reading…

Moody Bible’s Culby X: Free Christmas Album

Introducing…from the men of Culby X…
A Christmas Album.
It’s free, it’s inspiring, and it’s good.

Forgive me, but this is a personal privilege post. My son Nate, a pastoral student at Moody Bible Institute in Chicago, released his first Christmas album today. This was his brainchild. He recruited the guys on […] Continue Reading…