10 Random Things About This Blog’s Author

I appreciate all my readers. I seriously am blown away that anyone would want to read what I have to say. But I’m thankful for the honor.

I was thinking though. Readers really only know what I write. And, yet even though I’m not a complex person, there’s more to me than just this blog. I write a lot about leadership, family and church, but there’s so much more.

Here are 10 random things you may not know:

I’m not a chatter box. Never have been. Most every conversation I have is for an intentional purpose.

I’m seldom still. An off day for me is best when I feel productive in some way.

I need down time where there is little verbal communication. Sometimes more than other times.

When I choose to go to sleep it usually takes about 15 seconds after I say to Cheryl, “I’m going to sleep now”.

Most of the time when I’m driving I don’t turn on the radio.

When I was young we had a dog named “Dog”.  I named him.

I don’t like rice or casseroles, but if you fixed it for me you’d never know. Now you do.

I seem strategic. I’m actually more random in my thought process. Strategic is a discipline.

Laziness frustrates me greatly. In myself or others.

I’ve been doing online ministry for over 15 years. I started with a dial up connection.

I had my first real job at 12 years of age. I made $1 per hour.

I’m picky about my running socks. It doesn’t matter to  me with other socks.

Now your turn.

Tell me some random facts about you. 

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21 thoughts on “10 Random Things About This Blog’s Author

  1. Here I go!

    ~ I am more comfortable in a library than at a social party
    ~ I love to watch a news program more than an entertainer
    ~.I would prefer to read a book than spending time socializing with a bunch of companions
    ~ I have been averse to reading fictions. (Non-fiction is my cup of tea)
    ~ I am mad at ice creams
    ~ I lose my temper at times. I am trying my level best to overcome this weakness
    ~ Jogging is a stress buster for me
    ~ I am not a fan of multi-tasking; my take is – one at a time
    ~ I am more comfortable in writing than public speaking
    ~ I become restless more often. (It takes a third person to remind me the importance of slowing down and have a moderate pace)

  2. I am a chatterbox. God is teaching me to be still. When I travel by myself and stay in hotels, I never turn on the TV. Come to think of it, I don't turn on the TV at home either. I could not tell you how to turn the tv on at my house. Too many remotes and buttons and wires and mess. I've been known to fall asleep in the middle of a word. 15 seconds seems like a long time to fall asleep. 🙂

    I must have my recommended daily allowance of chocolate, dark, preferably.

    I love praying with people. I prayed with a complete stranger in the ladies room of a restaurant once.

  3. I was in youth ministry for 14 years and I loved it, I miss it.
    I am called to online ministry as God's Voice of Exhortation
    I love all things Chocolate
    I love to play golf, it feeds my soul!
    I have written a book, getting it publish ready
    I love my conversations with God, they are a huge part of my day!
    I am from and currently in a military family with one son deployed, one son wounded and processing out
    Twitter: kmac4him

  4. Hey Ron thanks for the intriguing post. Here's a few random facts:

    I love tennis. Once was a ball boy in a tournament with Jimmy Conners & Illie Nastase.
    Finished a marathon with a slower time than Mindi W.
    Learned to bake bread but stopped because … I was eating too much bread.
    Play a custom McCollum guitar – black acaia back & sides, cedar top
    I'm a chronic note taker.
    Drive a convertible with the top down most of the time.
    Post sunrise pictures on Facebook

  5. I want to finish my novel someday just because it is incredibly fun to write it.
    If I had my way, all the walls in our house would be off white.
    I have gone cold turkey from my diet soda addiction about five times.
    I once ran a marathon, but it took me over five hours.
    I did not plan to be a marathoner. I started training on a whim one day because a could friend said that she believed I could do it, even though I was over forty.
    I was once arrested at a protest with a dozen like minded people.
    I love my church. Even though it is a mega-church, I have a lot of friends there who really care about me. The pastors are really fantastic and actually care about us. That always amazes me.
    At one time, I was afraid of pastors.

  6. Being alone energizes me.

    I live in NC, too far away from my beloved Kentucky Wildcats (you are blessed Mr. Edmondson).

    The polarization in this country in religion, politics, etc., saddens me beyond belief.

    I have an addiction. Iced tea. Not sure I will ever kick it.

    I don't like to read thank you notes people send me (guess I'm a psychiatrist's dream).

    I often think people make faith too complicated and miss the wonderful, glorious, magnificent big picture.

    I think peanut butter makes just about anything better.

    I find it difficult to read a book, any book, without underlining.

    I'm in awe of people who lead effective lives without making lists. I make lists of my lists!

    I think grandchildren and dogs are two of the best categories of creatures God made.

  7. 10 random things :::

    I used to watch yan can cook faithfully on Saturdays…at 12 I’d try the recipe’s they were awful! Lol

    My personal belief is that God made everyone spectacular in some area.

    I’m recently allergic to Shrimp (gasp!)

    I often dream of giving away everything & quitting everything in order to become an overseas missionary.

    Passivity, assumptions, and flattery should be chronic diseases in my opinion.

    I always wonder if I’m a female warrior in the Kingdom army that is soon to fight. I guess cause I’m short 😉

    I don’t like bullies (especially those who are masked as leaders) I consider myself an underdog; so I stand up for underdogs!

    I’m so observant/pensive, people have told me it makes them uncomfortable, even if I don’t stare.

    I read magazines from back to front (weirdo…lol).

    I call my friends pets nieces & nephews & my own are considered my children.
    Twitter: LaSundrassong

  8. I like blog reading better than one on one useless chatter!
    I like organization even though it appears as though I'm disorganized…
    I would rather hang with my family than go shopping.

    I like old things rather than new.
    I love swimming more than inside exercise.
    I would rather watch sports than most everything else.

    I like rainy holidays when the pressure is not on…kind of like today in C'ville!

  9. I was born on a Friday & in a church building that Sunday.

    I turn off the lights when I enter a room.

    The older I get, the more I like all things retro & vintage.

    When I go out to eat, I like to order the least popular item on the menu.

    I get excited when I can find new uses for old things.

    I like silent movies.

    Inspiration usually comes to me at the most odd & inconvenient times.

    I take long walks to think & pray things out.

    Arrogance in those who call themselves ministers of the gospel of Jesus Christ really, really angers me.

    I know who I am because I know the great I AM.

  10. Let's see:
    I grew up near Pittsburgh, PA and still root for the Pirates.
    I have passed 2100 miles on my bike this year. My goal is 2600.
    My favorite movies are the Back to the Future trilogy.
    I have been married over 39 years and have been preaching for 40 years (started in college). I was ordained in 1975.
    I am an extreme extrovert and sometimes talk too much. 🙂
    I am an early riser (4:00 am) but konk out around 9:30 (pm).
    When driving I almost always have music playing. Very seldom do I listen to sermons or podcasts. I don't multitask very well.
    I love doing what I do.