Twitter Taking Over Social Networking World (Duh!)

I tried to tell people. Next time follow my lead. Just kidding…kind of, but I was saying a year ago to watch out for Twitter and people kept making fun of my new hobby. Now we have Oprah, Ashton, and Andy Stanley on Twitter. Apparently it’s catching on fast in the world of sports too. Check this Tennessean story out!

Here are a few quick reasons I Twitter:

  • Twitter is an easy way to stay connected.
  • It updates Facebook automatically.
  • It takes very little time.
  • Applications like TweetDeck keep things organized.
  • You will appear to be online more than you really are.
  • People will feel you are more approachable and “real”.
  • We trust most those we feel we know.

To all those, especially in our office, who made fun of me this time last year, I won’t even bother to say “I told you so”.

Follow me on Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Twitter Taking Over Social Networking World (Duh!)

  1. I use twitter for the some of the same reasons and one more. If you're a learner, twitter is a fire hose! Since I am a learner I've been expanding in all directions since last year. Twitter is absolutely wonderful for connecting with others to collaborate as well. Throw in some Tokbox and Facebook and the world becomes much smaller and so much more interesting.

    <abbr>Billy’s last blog post..The Insane Church</abbr>
    Twitter: barbarosa1

  2. Twitter is going to have to lock down on the spamming and constant marketing pulls and ploys or it will become totally irrelevant. Facebook has surged because it protected it’s users from alot of the spammers, marketers, and others (bands, etc.) from being used. Twitter is being overrun by people caught up in it’s popularity and are ready to use it for their gain. Unfortunalty I think Twitter might be at or near it’s Zenith.

    Joel Reynolds’s last blog post..Good Morning Picture for Wednesday…