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RELP – Episode 64 – Leadership Lessons from King David

In this episode of The Ron Edmondson Leadership Podcast Ron and Chandler Vannoy share some leadership lessons from King David.

No, this isn’t a Bible study podcast, but some of the best leadership examples are found in the Bible. I (Ron) especially appreciate the leadership of King David.

In this episode, leadership lessons from King David.

Show notes:

We love hearing from leaders who enjoy these podcasts. Yes, we know they are simple. It is intended to be a quick listen to a conversation between father and son – (and in this one – father and friend) who are both struggling to figure out leadership in our individual contexts.

Ron is a unique leader in that h has experience in the marketplace, government, nonprofits and the church. Even today as a consultant, Ron continues to be a practitioner of leadership. He’s not just talking about leadership, he’s in the trenches with you serving as a full-time pastor.

As always, I hope this episode helps you be a better pastor and leader.

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  • Praise the Lord brother Ron it’s my to thank you for the tireless efforts and work you are doing to equip Men and women of for leadership me personally I have benefited a lot from your posts I do encourage you to continue to equip leaders in the third world countries like in Uganda where there is still leadership challenges both at local Church level and at the national level.
    I pray that if more leaders would get such opportunity to read this materials then their leadership skills would change.
    When I was in USA I wanted to meet you personally but I failed due time facts.
    I believe God will plan for me to come back to USA I meet you face to face.
    Thank God blesses you as you continue to serve us.
    Regards to your family.
    Yours faithfully
    Pastor Sam Senior Pastor Rubaga Baptist Church Uganda.