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10 Opinions I Have About Meetings – Leaders, Pay Attention

By September 9, 2020Church, Leadership

I have lots of meetings. Over the years of business, government, and ministry – serving on dozens of non-profit boards, I’ve probably attended several thousand meetings. Along the way, I’ve developed some strong opinions about meetings.

I thought I’d share a few.

Here are 10 strong opinions I have about meetings:

If all the decisions are already determined – then don’t call a meeting – send me an email. Don’t waste my time.

When the meeting is at a time when people are naturally hungry – please feed us. And pay for it.

Where there is no agenda – if we are simply meeting because it is on the calendar, but there is really nothing to discuss – well, I don’t mean to seem rude, but what are we doing here?

If every new idea is going to be shot down – then would skeet-shooting be a better use of our time?

When the meeting flow is done the same way every time, won’t someone  – some creative like me – eventually get bored?

If we are only going to talk about it – but never really do anything about it – isn’t this really just a social event?

When one person dominates all the conversation – let’s skip the meeting and schedule a speech.

If everyone is invited – nothing is getting accomplished today – let’s have a party.

When it is past time for most people to go home – let’s postpone – you’ve lost our full attention.

If no one is taking notes – will we even remember any of this tomorrow?

Just a few of my thoughts about meetings.

I’m not opposed to meetings at all. They are vital to healthy organizations and I even like a good meeting. Let’s just keep getting better at them. 

Do you have your strong opinions about meetings?

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  • This is outstanding! I believe every leader, if they are completely honest, would agree with every one of these at some point in their career!

  • Jim Pemberton says:

    A few to add to the list:

    1. Get to the point and keep it short. I hate long meetings that drag on with people repeating themselves endlessly.

    2. Have reports and agendas prepared and ready – start on time. Don’t sit around for awhile after the meeting was supposed to start waiting for people to show up. Demand promptness and reward it with an efficient meeting.

    3. Quickly develop achievable action items, assign them to appropriate individuals and plan follow-up. I know people who do little all day other than meet. Having staff meetings is not the purpose of any organization. Meetings are the huddle. Get the game plan worked out and get back in the game.

  • Mark Triplett says:

    Absolutely agree! Would the leader want their time wasted by a useless meeting? Can’t recommend highly enough, “Death By Meeting” by Patrick Lencioni.

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