7 Characteristics of Effecitve Change Agent Leaders

If you want to be in leadership get comfortable with change. It’s part of the experience of every leader. The best leaders get accustomed to leading change.

Every leader deals with change, but in my experience, some handle it better than others. There are change agent leaders who seem to have an innate gifting at leading through change. I love to learn from these special leaders.

I’ve observed some common characteristics change agent leaders share.

Here are 7 characteristics of good change agents:


It doesn’t have to be their design. They simply want progress towards the overall vision. These change agents are never stubborn on matters that seem to have no vision-altering value. They navigate towards a solution, letting others have “their” way. Everyone walks away feeling as though they have won.


Change agent leaders are willing to receive criticism and still move forward. They know how to filter through what is valid criticism – worth hearing – and what’s simply a venting of personal interest. They unwaveringly push through the junk which clouds progress.


Good change agent leaders value the opinions of other people and work hard to gain trust. They know ultimate change can’t happen without human capital and they are constantly investing in relationships. Networking is one of a change agents greatest tools.


A change agent leader realizes there are steps to take and they carefully choose the timing of when to take them. They almost have a keen sense of discernment when it comes to knowing when to pull the trigger, when to wait, and when to pull the plug completely.


Good change agents are able to see paths to success others can’t yet see. I need to be honest here and say I’d rather be strategic than creative. There are some who can always find a way to make their ideas work, but it comes at the expense of others. But, change often happens because someone chose to be creative. Effective change is one of the best forms of art in the field of leadership. This takes creativity.


Change agent leaders make change for a specific purpose. They never waste a change. They know that every change has the potential to make or break a team and they work diligently to bring the best results.


A good change agent follows through on commitments made and sees the change to fruition. They don’t give up until the post evaluation is complete and the lessons of change have been learned.

Think about your experience. Who are some of the best change agent leaders you have known?

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  • kmac4him says:

    Jesus! He was the best. The heart of His gospel was change and the key to the change He brought about was a humbled selflessness. Honestly, you don't see that much in the leadership of today's church. Just a few and far apart. They are more interested in having a "flashy" series using a cultural draw than the true heart condition of those in their church. This is an area that needs a lot of renewal and I am so glad you spoke to it today with great wisdom. We don't wait, we rush. God is timeless, we have forgotten that and discernment is trumped by the cultural churches need for numbers and new campuses and new sermon series. Change seems to be pointed more towards a sensationalistic experience and to me this is such a selfish motive. Newer programs are always needed to entertain and we forget that God's Word is powerful enough, we don't have to help it or support it with our next "new" series! It is really sad to see the leaders of today make changes with their vision distorted by cultural trends. It is time for the Bride of Christ to be simply-significantly pointed to Jesus, who is an agent of change that is Infinite. We are only finite change agents. Honestly, I am really appalled at some of the program changes that lead us to flash pictures of vampires up on our sanctuary screens for the sake of sensationalizing a message about not being a Christian Vampire who only sucks a little bit of blood, and having mothers have to take their children out of church. How do these agents of change truly, truly rationalize that God is please with this in His church and these cultural programmatic changes, how do they not hurt the spirituality of people they are set up to lead. Changes are dysfunctional when they are programmatically driven, it blurs the lines of being called to God first. I am tired of this changing church with all its program series and hoping to get back to the basics that Jesus Christ is the Agent of Change, the first and the last! We are called to HIM first and change happens out of that relationship to HIM and His Word, not out of cultural sensationalism!

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