Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

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  • murphy24p says:

    I believe that this is the core of why so many churches have such limited buy-in or involvement beyond a weekend service; there is a whole lot of 'what' going on at churches, but the 'why' is rarely defined or communicated – Thus, you end up with a large group of people in a gathering, a mile wide, but only an inch deep.

    Sadly, it seems easier to fill the calendar with events and activities rather than to pick a cause or mission and go after it. Busy ≠ effective.

  • Ron
    I have followed Simon Sinek for many years. I have seen his presentation many times, and I truly believe he "sees" the big picture. I have often asked church leaders to watch this video and lead accordingly. Not one has asked any questions or sought to true message of Simons point. THE HEART. Truly what God is after. I believe the reasoning is $$, value perception, attendance, or a tangible goal. If the church led the way Apple, MLK, Kimberly Clark and others, I believe you couldn't stop the growth. Thanks for posting. By the way have you seen the RSAnimate's Daniel Pink Drive: what motivates us….same paradigm shift as this

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