Guest Post: Nate Edmondson on Trusting God

My youngest son Nate is in Chicago and we are bringing him home once again this weekend for a funeral.  This time for the funeral of my father. I thought his thoughts were worth sharing today:

I have a paper due tomorrow morning at 8, so I should probably be working on that… but there’s not too many things I dislike more than writing those.

This year has by far been the most difficult year of my life. I’ve had to go home 3 times for 3 different funerals, one of which for a very close friend. Mixing all of those emotions with the emotions of being homesick in general has been interesting. At the beginning of my first semester I sensed God trying to teach me to trust in Him with every aspect of my life, and unfortunately I’ve continued trusting myself instead of Him.

I think learning to trust God completely is the most important thing that any Christian could do. Imagine what would happen if every believer truly started living by faith in every arena of life.

It’s hard. I really suck at it. Instead of spending time with Him I sit on facebook and write blog posts..

Trust God. What does that mean exactly… I don’t know. But I know God’s real and has a real plan. The goal if figuring out how to stop holding on to my life and surrender it to God, but again, I don’t really know what that means or looks like.

It’s amazing how unstructured this post is…

Can you identify with Nate? 

Is trusting God completely a process for you as well?

What is the number one distraction in your life from fully trusting the God who loves you more than you could ever imagine?

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  • […] This blog post from Nate Edmondson (reposted by his dad) rocked my world tonight and set me on the path that led to my post.  […]

  • Lynnda says:

    The thing that gets in the way of me trusting God the most is when it appears I’m doing ok at the “helm”
    It seems that in some areas trusting God gets easier as life goes by and you see His hand of faithfulness over and over. Looking back and getting a glimpse of how He planned to use a tragedy for His glory and good all along, you start to trust more and more. Pain still hurts, but it’s more tolerable knowing God doesn’t waste anything.

    Praying for comfort, wisdom and peace.

  • Bob

    Did you say this funeral is for your father? I’m sorry if so.

    Trust God. This has been something I have learned a lot about in the last five years. Through numerous circumstances that brought me close to him – the message to trust him has been steady.

    I’m praying for you and your family.

  • Ashley Crews says:

    wow! This was well put plan and simple. I think and believe that we all have one time or another struggled with trusting God fully in siturations and that we think we surrender it all to him, but many times we are still holding on to it and that bring us to worries about things that God will take care of and be there for us because He does knows us better then we know ourselves. We just need to fully surrender it all to Him.

    Sorry to hear about your dad passing away, You and your family are in my prayers! Love in Christ!

  • ronedmondson says:

    Trust me has been the 2 words I've heard most from God in my walk with Him. It would seem like repetition would catch on as long as we've been walking together…

  • Makeda says:

    Ahhh…trusting God. I completely relate to Nate. I feel like the constant echo in my heart from God is "just trust me". It is so easy to say and so much harder to actually do. But as God continues to whisper "trust me" in my heart, I am learning that trust ultimately looks like resting in the belief that He is GOOD and everything He does is from that place of His goodness. He is telling a story, writing a beautiful story with my life and I only get to see a small part of the bigger story He is telling. Believing first that He is good, helps me understand that even when the darkness is hovering He is still present and there is a bigger story happening and the darkness is necessary for the bigger picture. It's still not easy but I'm finding out that if I can keep this perpspective it helps in the process of learning to trust Him.

  • Jon says:

    That's a big amen. But as @musicgirl77 points out, we want to see something happen; even if we don't "help". God's ways are not our ways and His time isn't ours and we always seem to have trouble with that.

  • ronedmondson says:

    If we can ever truly get out of the way and let God do His stuff…we may all experience more of HIS glory. Thanks Jon

  • Jon says:

    @musicgirl77… couldn't agree more. It's so hard for me every day to not try and turn my wife's heart or make the situation "better". I have just really felt the call from God to put it all in His hands. This was a big issue for me for years; not looking to Him for everything and it got me on a path that has damaged my marriage. One of the keys back has been learning to trust Him for it all.. but as you say, we want to DO something…and sometimes the doing is to do nothing.

  • ronedmondson says:

    I think the strong Christians (whatever that means) still struggle with faith at times. It shows how dependent and insufficient we are apart from Christ. Thanks!

  • @musicgirl77 says:

    Maybe I'm just a weak Christian, but I've struggled with this very thing for 30 yrs. I don't mean I don't trust or lean on God or spend time with Him looking for the strength needed in tough times. I do. And He's always there. But it's just not something that comes natural for me. I like the comment of "instead sitting on Facebook or writing a blog." I think we KNOW and have head knowledge, saying all the right things to ourselves about God's grace and perfect timing, etc. But we are "action" inclined. We feel an innate pull to "do SOMETHING". And nowadaways, that something is blogging, Facebook, etc. We need to remember that all that SOMETHING keeps other voices and thoughts churning in our heads instead of His voice and quietness. I'm not preaching to anyone here but myself. Great post….structured or not!

  • ronedmondson says:

    Thanks Jon. Great thoughts and encouragement. Praying for you.

  • Jon says:

    I've been a Christian for most of my adult life; which encompasses quite a number of years :).

    I always thought that I trusted God, but it took the breakdown of my marriage for me to see that I really wasn't trusting Him for my everything. As a Christian it would seem that trusting Him would be so easy. After all, He is our loving father and has only the best in mind for us. But it's not that simple. We are human and as humans we want to know the plan; usually we don't or at least not all of it. We are humans and we want to think we are in control of our destiny, because just giving it up to someone we can't even see or have a real physical conversation with seems odd. Thing is, we aren't in control… of anything. We want to "help" God just in case He really doesn't understand; He does and we can't… not really.

    Even during this time of pain for me, when many days I just want to throw in the towel and walk away, I don't because I am trusting Him that He means it when He tells me about the importance of my commitment to my marriage; when he has increased my love for my wife; when He gives me the strength every day to go on, even though my wife does nothing to make me want to do so. But that's also hard. I want to tell her this or let her know that or convince her of something, because I know that if I can do that, then… well… it will all get better. Then I think back over the last year when I've tried all of those things and they have not gotten me anywhere. No, I just need to hand it over to Him and trust that He has a better plan than anything I could ever dream up myself.

    Hang in there Nate. It won't always be easy. It won't always make sense at the time. It could even be painful. But the "rewards", even on this earth, are great.

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