5 Reasons Your Pastor may not be Leading Well

I was talking with a concerned man recently about his church. He’s concerned the church is wasting a lot of resources and accomplishing little towards its vision to make disciples. They have a large building, a large staff, and a rich history of Kingdom-building, but the building sits empty […] Continue Reading…

7 Ways to Support Your Pastor on Sunday

My ministry allows me to interact with dozens of pastors each week. It appears there are some common experiences on Sunday morning for many of us.

The bottom line: Sunday mornings are a stressful time for pastors.

I also know most people who love their church — and love their pastor […] Continue Reading…

A Word of Encouragement to Pastors During Pastor Appreciation Month

I came into ministry later in life after over 20 years in the business world. Maybe this explains some of why I was surprised when I entered the ministry at how hard churches can be on a pastor.

I never knew.

My church leadership blog has given me access into the […] Continue Reading…

7 Ways to Maintain Respect as a Leader

As a leader, one of your most valuable assets is the respect of the people you are leading. If a leader is respected, people will follow him or her almost anywhere. If a leader loses the respect from the ones he or she leads, it becomes very difficult to regain that respect.

Often a new leader is given respect because of his or her position as a leader, but respect can be quickly lost due to performance. Many times, it’s the seemingly small things which cause the most damage to a leaders’s reputation.

I have found that with a few simple (some not so simple) acts help protect the respect a leader enjoys:
[…] Continue Reading…

10 Characteristics of Good Leadership – an Expanded and Revised Version

It’s been a long time since I wrote the post 10 Characteristics of Good Leadership. It remains one of my most read posts, being found by readers through search engines. Shortly after I wrote the post my friend Jesse Phillips at Catalyst asked me to expand on each item. You can thank Jesse for this post.

In an expanded version, here are 10 characteristics of good leadership:
[…] Continue Reading…

5 Tips for the Leader When Conflict Develops on a Team

As a leader, one of your primary roles is developing and maintaining the health of the team. What do you do when team members aren’t getting along with each other?  How should you handle conflict on a team?

I previously wrote “10 Tips for Handling Conflict“, which is directed primarily at team members individually working together to address conflict. What happens when conflict escalates to the point where a leader’s input is needed?

Here are 5 suggestions: […] Continue Reading…

5 “C” Suggestions for Developing Trust as a Leader

Trust is like gold in leadership. Without it a leader will fail to build a healthy following. Change will be difficult to implement. Retention and recruitment of leaders becomes near impossible.

Developing trust takes time. It is seldom granted with position or title. Most people have been injured in relationships […] Continue Reading…