Caption This: I’ll Give Away A Book

I recently wrote 5 places I get my best ideas. Read that post HERE. I didn’t share one of those…

I think while I’m drawing…

It happens every time…I get bored…I start doodling…I start to think. It stirs my creative process to draw. I’m not any good, there’s nothing really worth sharing, but I think better when I do my version of art.

How about you?

To encourage you in this area, today I’m offering a great book. It’s called Unfolding the Napkin and it’s about solving complex problems with pictures…the kind of pictures that will fit on the back of a napkin. I’ll give away one copy tomorrow (Monday).

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We Are Different, Diversity Week 3

We are all different. Yesterday I posted about whether a pastor could serve in political office…as expected…I got different opinions. (Read them HERE…and add your own.)

I’m learning to embrace diversity…not to run from it…

Throughout the year I’m going to ask some questions to see a difference of opinion. Here are this week’s questions: […] Continue Reading…

Scripture Memorization, Week 5

In the year 2011, we memorized 52 verses from the Bible!

Will that be your line at the end of this year? I hope so!

We are into week 5 memorizing Scripture. If you’ve missed out so far, catch up by reading last week’s post HERE.

This week I share one of my all-time favorite verses. There is so much truth in this one verse that it could keep you occupied for days. You may want to read the entire context of this verse.

Here is this week’s memory verse: […] Continue Reading…

One Place I Receive Motivation

I always joke that Cheryl keeps pictures on her desk so she can look at the ones she loves, but I keep pictures on my desk so I don’t forget the people I love. (Don’t email me…it’s a joke…kinda!) Seriously, men and women are wired differently. I’m convinced there’s never a moment Cheryl is not thinking about her family. That’s why she’s so much better at remember special occasions and where we keep our favorite socks!

It’s not that I love Cheryl or the boys less than she loves us, but most men are more task-oriented than we are relationally oriented. When I’m in a zone of work, I’m not usually thinking about anything else. Sometimes though I like to stop, turn from my laptop, and receive motivation for why I do what I do. Apart from giving God glory with my life, my greatest motivation is to leave a strong legacy for my wife and two boys.

Today I was deep in thought, but I turned around and saw this picture. It was the spark I need to keep pushing forward. […] Continue Reading…

One Tip to Help You Meet Your Goals

Do you ever struggle to complete a project?

You have a goal, you may even know what needs to be done for the goal to become a reality, but you never seem to accomplish the necessary tasks that will bring you success. Your dreams remain simply dreams and you remain frustrated with yourself.

Sound familiar?

Let me share a quick tip to help you avoid this scenario.

Many of us, perhaps even most of us, work better under a little pressure.

Earlier this year I wrote about writing a life plan. (You can read that series of posts HERE.) I’ve found that setting a deadline for the specific action steps in a plan like this helps me be more productive…

If I have a major project I need or want to complete I will:
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Movie: To End All Wars

I was not familiar with this movie until Michael Bayne, our family pastor, pointed it out to me. Wow! The trailer makes me want to watch this movie.

The descriptions says:

A true story about four Allied POWs who
endure harsh treatment at the hands of their Japanese captors during World War II while being forced to build a railroad through the Burmese jungle. Ultimately they find true freedom by forgiving their enemies. Share this powerful story of
redemption with your friends.

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Doodling Leadership Tip – Addressing the Real Problem

I love the Whiteboard application on my iPad. I find myself using it to teach, when sitting with someone, think in pictures, and recently, just to scribble out a quick thought. I decided to periodically share some of them with you here:
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3 Values of Teamwork

Recently I was asked a question regarding how we handle set-up on Sunday mornings. Grace Community Church meets in a school and so every Sunday morning staff and volunteers start arriving about 5:30 AM to prepare for the day. The specific question was whether we have one person who oversees all the set-up. The answer is no. We actually have a team of people responsible; with different people in each area of ministry.

Answering the question reminded me of the value of teamwork. I personally believe that the way we are doing this is best. I’m not opposed to one central leader, and in some situations that may be better, but with this task, I think the team approach is more efficient than one individual being in charge.

Here are 3 reasons I personally prefer a team approach for this function of our church: […] Continue Reading…