When You Doubt Yourself as a Leader

By March 14, 2019Leadership

Have you been having moments of doubt about your current leadership situation?  

It could be a season or just a passing thought, but something inside you says you don’t have what it takes. 

It’s not unusual. Every leader goes through it at some point. And many times you can know what you need to do, but the emotions of doubt are stronger than the sense of reality.

You may need to grow in some areas where you are struggling.

You should always surround yourself with some people who believe in you.

You should be diligent in the things you know to do, practice healthy disciplines in your work and personal life, and try to at least do something meaningful each day to fuel your sense of accomplishment.

If the season lasts too long, don’t be afraid to seek professional help. Don’t spiral into burnout or depression.

Of course, you should pour out your heart to God and listen for His approval. He would not have called you here if He didn’t believe in you. And where He has called you He will equip you.  

In those moments you can believe the lie or you can do something about it. You can dwell in fear or do as Jesus did when tempted in the wilderness. You can concentrate on what is true. 

But don’t be surprised by the times when doubt comes as a leader. I would be more surprised – and maybe even a little concerned about your humility – if you never had them. 

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