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I have a limited number of seats in an upcoming Senior Pastor’s Next Level Group. Interested in joining me for a group/peer learning experience?

After serving as a lead pastor for over 16 years, following over 20 years in business and government, I know first hand the challenges of senior leadership. When I transitioned into the CEO role at Leadership Network, I knew I wanted to keep a close hand in the local church.

One of the most effective ways I think I can do this is to lead one of the senior pastor groups, like the one that helped me most as a pastor and sold me on the model of Leadership Network.

Would you be interested in spending time with a group of your lead pastor peers and me to discuss your ministry and personal challenges? Are you wrestling with questions such as:

  • Should we launch into a multi-million dollar capital campaign?
  • What is the best approach to launching our new multi-site campus?
  • How do we navigate change in a complex environment?
  • How should we reorganize our staff and structure due to the incredible growth God has blessed our church with lately?
  • How do we get to the next level of growth in our church?
  • Are we on the right track?
  • What do I do with ______ (insert the problem you’re struggling with today)?

Leadership Network ( is a nonprofit organization passionately dedicated to assisting high capacity leaders multiply their impact for the Kingdom. One key way we do this is in peer group settings. These groups provide the environment for leaders and mentors to meet together, talk through the issues they are facing, and form new relationships, which probably wouldn’t occur otherwise.

Hundreds of senior pastors have already journeyed through one of our group experiences. One of the coolest parts of my job now is hearing these pastors tell me each week the experience was invaluable for them – well worth their investment of time and dollars.

Here’s the big news!

We are currently interviewing candidates for a Senior Pastor Group I will personally lead.

Check it out HERE.

We will get to know each other personally, as we walk through life and ministry together. You will gain a network of pastor allies, who will walk with you for years to come. Even more, you will leave with an abundance of ideas and actionable plans. This is something no conference experience can offer and is a signature piece, which makes the Leadership Network group experience unlike any other.

I’m anxious to get started; even starting this year if we can gather enough interest quickly.

Please understand this isn’t for everyone. It’s not cheap and it’s not without a commitment of time. It’s not based on denomination, but we do try to put pastors with their true peers. We try to match the group with pastors facing similar challenges, so I’m thinking the best fit pastors for this group will pastor churches with multiple paid staff and have an average weekly attendance of somewhere at least close to 1,000, but not more than 3,500.

Although this is a huge commitment in time and finances, I believe (and I can personally testify) the experience is well worth the investment.

I hope you will consider joining me. I believe this group will fill fast. Click on this link for more information and/or to register.

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