7 New Year Resolutions Which Could Change Our World

Whether or not you do New Year resolutions, we could all stand to improve some things in our life. And, if we do, I’m confident we could also improve the life of others.

In fact, with a whole lot of improving – it might become contagious – and we might just change the world.

Here are 7 new year resolutions which could change the world:

Let’s resolve to begin everyday with a prayer, a smile, and a humility check.

A 3 part checklist. What if we woke up every morning and began by talking to God – recognizing His power and asking Him to direct our steps, make sure our smile is our attitude, and humbly enter the world not expecting anything other than to be a blessing? It will require discipline – but how we begin a day almost always determines how we end one.

Let’s resolve to return evil with good.

It won’t be easy. In fact, it will be hard. A grudge or sarcastic remark seems so much more fulfilling – in the moment. But, over time, it causes more harm than good – mostly to us – often even more than “them”. Imagine your world when you influence others by how you don’t respond when they “push your buttons” the wrong way.

Let’s resolve to never let the sun go down on anger.

Anger emotions grow overnight. They blossom into more intense anger emotions. We may not be able to resolve all disagreements, but we can drop the right to get even and resolve to be at peace as much as it depends on us. We will awake with level ground to build better, healthier relationships with others. Oh, what a world it would be if we had less anger.

Let’s resolve not use social media as a forum to bash others.

Or even as a forum period. It divides people rather than bringing them together. Let’s resolve for a kinder, gentler Facebook – rant-free even – where we simply stalk – I mean check in on old friends. Let’s act like people – real people -may actually see what we write. And care. And, let’s post in a way which encourages and builds each other up – almost like that’s in the Bible somewhere. (It might even be somewhere around 1 Thessalonians 5:11 – check me on this one.)

Let’s resolve to develop our patience muscle.

Wow! I put this one in the middle so maybe you (or my wife) would skip over it quickly. Just kidding. This is one I need – we all need. I’m not sure we can completely master it this year, but, with intentionality – and Christ’s strength – we can keep getting better. What if we thought about the most common things which test our patience – such as the traffic on the drive home at night – and we asked God to help us deal with it before we experience it – each time? Just a thought.

Let’s resolve to remember it’s not about us.

This one alone would surely change the world. What if we placed into our schema – into our immediate thought process – a simple understanding – OTHER PEOPLE MATTER – just as much as we do? Does it make a difference when you think someone values you? Of course it does. What if we valued others and demonstrated to them by how we treat them, what we say to them, our facial expressions, or even our thoughts toward them? Think it might change a few of our relational encounters this year? I think it might. Certainly seems worth trying.

Let’s resolve to listen more than we speak.

Ouch – if needed! It’s hard to value others when we are doing all the talking. (It’s also hard to hear from God.) It requires an act of humility when we remain silent at times we want to speak. Many times disagreements, arguments, even serious issues like prejudism or racism, have more to do with misunderstanding or miscommunication than anything. When we listen we demonstrate value – but, it also guards the tongue, protects relationships, and we might actually learn something.

Of course, ultimately the change the world needs is the Gospel, but who knows? Maybe if we change the way we treat others – including other believers – others might actually want to hear our Gospel.

I realize I’m simple-mindet, but I do, henceforth, resolve.

Who’s with me?

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16 thoughts on “7 New Year Resolutions Which Could Change Our World

  1. Ron, This is a message for me. I resolve to control my temprament and speak little and listen more this year. Rather that speak more, I will preach the gospel. God bless your family richly and give you long life and propsperity in Jesus name.

  2. Hi! Just want to say thank you to you when I visited Immanuel Baptist church on December 20th. Sorry I did not get to meet you face to face. I remember the 5 Reasons to your sermon on Peace. I have them pinned up for me to see at my desk. I am David Bourne's mother and came to Lexington to see my Grandson Michael graduate from the University of Kentucky! I am so proud and so blessed. Thanks for being the Spiritual Leader in your church. I love David and Deena so much and of course Michael and Kassi too! God bless you Ron! Pat Henry

  3. I like it and totally agree with you. These simple selfless acts could definitely change the world. Thank you for this. May God bless you as this year onwards.

  4. I do! I resolve with you! Pastor, just wanted you to know that I read your blog every day and have for the last couple years. I’m always telling people about your blog. Your words of wisdom inspire me and I thank you for sharing your gift! May you and your precious family be blessed in 2016!

  5. These resolutions indeed, are world-changing. Start the day with a prayer, read the Bible, have a personal and healthy relationship with God. Thank you. It’s my first time on your blog, but i promise it wont be the last. Greetings from Romania. Vali.

  6. Thanks for the words of wisdom! Words can be easy to read but so much more difficult to apply. But when we surrender our life to Christ & allow Him to shine through us then as you said, the world will change! Thx brother Ron!