5 Things I Control as a Senior Leader

Having planted two churches anc two revitalization churches I am frequently asked about what things do I try to control and which did I release to others.

And, I love that question. I think its one all leaders need to ask themselves – frequently.

The leadership lid you will always create is in whatever area you choose to control.

I believe this strongly and it’s why I often discipline myself not to have an answer. I purposively choose to give things away to others on our team – things they can’t do better than me and things I simply shouldn’t be doing.

As much as I love delegation, however, there are some things I feel the need to control – maybe even continue to control.

Here are 5 things I control as a senior leader:

Vision – I believe senior leadership should make sure the vision of the organization is always in the minds of people, therefore I must continually reinforce it in what I say and do.

Staff culture – Senior leadership – always, but especially in the early days – plays a primary role in setting the culture. Things such as staff morale, approach to structure and the working atmosphere are greatly embedded and formed by the senior leader.

The organization’s pursuit of excellence – People will never push for more excellence than the level expected, led, and lived by senior leadership.

The moral value of the organization – The character and integrity of the organization will reflect senior leadership’s character and integrity. Period.

The velocity of change – Senior leadership sets the speed in which change and innovation is welcome in the organization.

As a leader, I realize the less I control, the more I can allow others to lead. The result is a healthier, happier organization that is more prone for growth. There are things, such as the above, which by default and for their importance, senior leadership should control. If control seems to harsh a word then choose another, but these should not be delegated too far beyond the ability to guide them.

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16 thoughts on “5 Things I Control as a Senior Leader

  1. Like all of us, I am subscribed to several key Leadership feeds/emails/podcasts/etc.

    I have to tell you, that this post is AMAZING.
    Simple. To the point. From experience. From the heart.

    THANK YOU Mr. Edmonson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is there anything else you think a leader should attempt to control?
    Some add-ons:
    ~ Strategic direction of the organization (and not tactical)
    ~ Organizational ethos and principles
    ~ Ultimate ends and objectives

  3. Ron,

    Do you think it is important that a leader control these particular things? Or will what we control vary person-to-person and situation-to-situation?

    • I think these things have to be controlled. By someone. The senior leader has a responsibility to see that they are. Some of them happen whether the leader chooses to or not.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  4. Question about the speed of change: As a young pastor I took over a church where, in reality, the former pastor's wife was still in charge. It took many years for all of that to shake out, thus there was not much change early on. Now, I find it hard to implement some necessary change. Is there a way to do it, or will it just have to be the slow, gradual change?
    Twitter: _brad_gilbert_

  5. Wow… this is really great stuff. This is truly something to ponder over (as a person who is planning to plant a church one day). I have been part of a church plant (not led by me), and have seen a LOT, and I look back on it and wonder: If this had been done as you said, how much different would it have been. And I can see a ginormous ripple effect from what you have said. I believe that was God-given wisdom!