4 Ways Leaders Create Capacity

Capacity: the ability or power to do, experience, or understand something.

Great leaders know the more capacity the organization has the more potential it has to accomplish its mission. When the organization begins to exceed its capacity for too long things eventually stall. If you want to spur growth you have to increase capacity.

Therefore, one of the best ways a leader can impact an organization is to create capacity so the organization and its people can grow.

Here are 4 ways a leader can create capacity:

Paint a void

Allow others to see what could be accomplished. Leaders help people see potential – in themselves and the future – they may not otherwise see. This can be accomplished through vision casting and question asking. It may be helping people dream bigger dreams of what could be next in their own life or for the organization. It could be through training or development. Extra capacity energizes people to find new and adventuresome ways of achieving them.

Empower people

When you give people the tools, resources and power to accomplish the task and you’ve often created new capacity. Many times people feel they’ve done all they can with what they have. Provide them with new tools – maybe new ideas — assure them they can’t fail if they are doing their best. Continue to support them as needed. Then get out of their way.

Release ownership

Let go of your attempt to control an outcome so others can lead. Many people hold back waiting for the leader to take initiative or give his or her blessing. The more power and ownership you release the more others will embrace. The more initiative they will take of their own.

Lead people not tasks

If you are always the doer and never the enabler then you are not a leader. More than likely you are simply an obstacle to what the team could accomplish if you got out of the way. Many leaders don’t see this in themselves. Frequently ask yourself: Am I leading or am I in the way? And, if you’re brave enough — ask others to evaluate you – even anonymously.

When the leader creates capacity the organization and the people in the organization increase their capacity – and things can grow.

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10 thoughts on “4 Ways Leaders Create Capacity

  1. Getting others to buy into a vision, giving them the proper tools and empowering them to act will lead to success. Isn't this exactly what happened on the Day of Pentecost?

  2. Yes Ron, leaders cast visions and empower others to reach those visions. I believe I am both a doer and enabler, though it is easier to do the work myself! Good post, Gary

  3. I agree…I would add that a leader needs to acknowledge and compliment the efforts and successes of their team… motivation deflates when honest efforts are never acknowledged after all…why try if when you succeed you'll not get the credit…but the leader will???

  4. I think I got in the way most times because I failed to see just how good of a leader I could be. As the Lord has been expanding my vision of who He has created me to be, I am doing a better job of enabling leaders in our organization to lead. Great post! Thanks for sharing.