What Happens When I’m tired – and 7 Remedies

I have learned over the years – many times when I’m not up to par in my leadership or life – it’s simply because I’m tired. Recognizing this is paramount to maintaining productivity and for preventing burnout.

When I’m tired:

I can be irritable and harder to please

I become irrational about the flaws in others

I have difficulty concentrating

I display less patience and get frustrated easily

I’m less effective

My leadership suffers

Our team suffers

Here are 7 remedies I’ve discovered:

Take a nap (Some think you should take one everyday.)

Exercise (My adrenaline and energy grows when I sweat.)

Change perspective by reading a book, watching or listening to something other than where I’m currently working. (It may simply be entertaining.)

Engage with motivating people. (There are people who naturally fuel others by their presence.)

Take extended time away from my work. (The busier the season the more I need to discipline myself to rest.)

Evaluate my priorities, freeing myself for what’s most important. (We can easily get captivated by things of lesser importance which drain our energy.)

Call it a day and prepare for another day. (There have been days it’s just best to go home and start over the next day.)

Sometimes things, which at the time seem unproductive, actually end up being among the most productive. I’ve learned I’m not very helpful to the team when I’m extremely tired. Addressing it quickly makes me a better leader. Things aren’t likely to improve until I improve. Many leaders try to operate from an exhausted position and never realize they are the problem on the team.

Leader, be aware when you are the problem.

Don’t be afraid to admit you’re tired, leader. Most likely the team already knows it.

What happens when you’re tired…and what do you do about it?

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9 thoughts on “What Happens When I’m tired – and 7 Remedies

  1. — Play with kids (I love this..)
    — Admire nature
    — Flex the gratitude muscle and sing a song to the Lord (It will lighten your heart and burdens)
    — Take a walk
    — And (greatest of all) take nap (if nothing is possible)

  2. When I'm tired:
    Can't complete tasks
    What I do:
    Recharge by watching a sunset (or two)…just a quick, FREE recharging moment for me : )

      • You are exactly right, sometimes that recharge is just not enough and the results are not good.

        Getting the 8 hours of required sleep is so important and I'm very guilty of NOT doing that…with age, I think I can stay up later and still get up at the same rising time….not good results.

        Enjoy a nice, restful (rainy I might add in C'ville : ) day Ron and Cheryl!