5 Secret Objections to Change

In the world of change, I’ve learned there are some common objections. I’ve previously written objections people use to criticize change, but in this post, I’m addressing the root cause of that criticism. These are the secret objections.

No one admits to these. But they are real. Very real. In fact, they may be the biggest obstacles you’ll have to face in implementing change. The root of most objections.

Show me an objection to legitimate, needed change and you’re almost guaranteed to find one of these hidden in the crowd somewhere. Probably multiples of them.

Here are the 5 secret objections to change:


We want what we want. We want what’s comfortable. We want what requires less sacrifice on our part.


We like our ideas and don’t believe we can enjoy the ideas of others, as much as our own. The way I want to do things is best, isn’t it?


We want to make the decisions for our life and resist when we think others are making them for us. We have a very real, often hidden desire for control.


We are afraid of what could happen if we change. We fear the change might change not only what we are changing, but it might change us in some way. That’s scary.


We don’t see the need for change. We like things the way they are, no matter how hard someone tries to convince us change is needed. The way it is now is the way it’s supposed to be.

Granted, I don’t believe we can continue to grow most of the time without change. Change is all around us. Failing to embrace it only leads to more severe problems later. With the exception of God and His Word change is imminent. But, that doesn’t mean change is easy.

Sometimes understanding the hidden reasons behind the objection helps the leader better address the situation.

What are hidden objections to change have you seen? Which of these would be your most likely secret struggle with change?

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10 thoughts on “5 Secret Objections to Change

  1. I think fear is a huge part of our resistance to change, Ron. We all struggle against that. But we will never become all God intends us to be otherwise. Thanks.

  2. I agree… So true about not growing without change. I so used to resist change, but now I see it more as a season to “grow through”! Two hidden objections to change I have seen: Outer – Inner Commitment Don’t Line Up. There is a gap between what they are externally and what they are internally and change tends to unmask this gap so they resist it. Poor self image tends to resist change because they “feel” they are not up to learning something new.
    Twitter: kmac4him

  3. Excellent post Ron. So much is hindered by the resistance to change. I personally think that fear and satisfaction seem to be the ones most struggle with. We fear the unknown and we often get settled in how we have always accomplished something and do not see the need for change. Great stuff.