Immanuel Annual Report

We’ve received great response to our annual report, so I thought I’d share it here. We had an amazing year at Immanuel Baptist Church and, borrowing from ideas we’d seen elsewhere, we decided to produce our first annual report.

We had a talented young couple in the church help us with this. The staff provided input and I was able to share it with leadership of the church.

Here’s how we unveiled it:

One Sunday evening we invited anyone who leads in any area of our church to a meeting. They could serve as a deacon, Sunday school teacher, or ministry leader. We even included our top 100 givers. (Some people serve with the gift of giving.) We weren’t trying to be exclusive. We turned no one away and even made a general announcement on a Sunday morning. We were trying to fill a smaller room than our large worship center with those we knew would be most invested and interested in the report. Combined this made a group of several hundred people, of which about 200 were able to attend. I walked through the report as a slide presentation. Of course, we later shared it online with the entire church. It was an opportunity to celebrate, give God the honor and challenge us for the new year.

You can view the report HERE.

Here’s to a great 2014 Immanuel!

Stay tuned for our new website release — coming soon!

Does your church do something similar?

Point me to a link in the comments of this post. I’d love to get ideas from you and celebrate with you!

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8 thoughts on “Immanuel Annual Report

  1. Is this report no longer available? When I visit the link, I'm just taken to the home page of the website. Can't seem to locate the report, but I'd love to see the design. Thanks for your help.

    • We just relaunched our website and everything didn't transfer over. We are working on that. In the meantime I'll send it to you separately.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  2. Hi Ron, we tried something new this year, and it included a printed annual report similar to yours, as well as a couple other elements.

    Our annual congregational meeting (ACM) is held during services on a weekend in February, and there we do the church business of approving the budget and introducing new elders. Instead of holding one poorly attended budget presentation during the week preceding (as we have in the past), we held 8 short forums after every service for the prior two weeks. A 15-minute video overview and explanation of the 2014 budget — including what we're excited about and concerned about — was presented at each, along with a Q&A session. We had such great response to the video that we sent it out via email to the entire congregation during the week before the ACM. You can view the video at

    During the services we distributed a printed 20-page annual report in place of a bulletin. The annual report provided a springboard for both the "family business" portion of the services and streamlined our annual membership renewal process. You can download a PDF of the annual report at

    The annual report contained snippets of life change stories from our congregation. We launched an "Elmbrook Stories" blog that weekend where we could post the complete versions of the stories, and gather new ones. (

    Feedback from our congregation was overwhelmingly positive to all these steps.

  3. Thanks Ron. This looks great! I've wanted to do this for quite sometime, but I'm not sure where to start or how to go about forming this. Any ideas?

    • Just. Start measuring something. That's all it is. Measure attendance. Small groups or Bible studies. Baptisms. Volunteers. Whatever you value. Then at the end of the year out it in a well presented format. 
      Twitter: Ronedmondson