The weekly emotional process of sermon preparation…

senior pastor

It goes something like this:

Great (God) thought.

I love it.

This will preach.

Why did I pick this topic?

This message stinks!

I wish I had another week

It’s coming together

Now that’ll preach.

Let’s do this!

I wish I had said it this way.

Time to do it again.

Can anyone identity?

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20 thoughts on “The weekly emotional process of sermon preparation…

  1. I can relate to this, but can't anymore. I do not compose sermons, but I have plenty of experience making ad campaigns and preparing for large presentations. My way of preparing drastically changed after reading the 80/20 principle by Richard Koch. His methodology is that 80% of the time we spend preparing for something gives 20% of the results, and the less time we spend on something, the better. He pointed out, typically we all do better when we pull overnighters, cram for a test, or perhaps prepare for a sermon in the last remaining hours. It's here, when we experience creating 80% or more of something wonderful in less than 20% of the time we have available. Less is more. Hope this makes sense.

  2. I enjoy reading your Graced Again emails. I recently “liked” you on Facebook. We are wrapping up the Fall 2013 Sunday School material. I noticed that you wrote the study “When Relationships Collide”. As a former supervisor/manager I had a few bouts with conflict either from employees or other echelons.

    During my first interim pastor position I ‘inherited’ an ongoing conflict. Praise God for His wisdom. The problem was resolved.