If I Were Going to Start a Blog Today

Blog word.

If I were starting a blog today…I’d do things differently than when I started this one.

I’d be offline for at least 30 days.

Maybe longer.

If I had enough patience…maybe several months.

And, I’d write…just write.

As much or as often as I felt like it.

I’d sharpen my craft.

I’d build a great blog platform (I have to have help with that part.)

I’d read other blogs and gain ideas.

I’d develop some outlines or themes for future posts.

I’d discover my unique voice…what I’m most passionate about writing.

I’d build up a pool of great posts.

But, I wouldn’t release them until I knew I was ready. At least 30 days. Maybe longer.

Then I’d release them at whatever interval I plan to post. (Daily, several times a week, weekly, etc.)


It would give me an arsenal of posts. I’d have some ready to go and then be able to concentrate of future posts. I’d be thankful to have the margin.

It would give me practice. I would know that I’d need to be able to write frequently if I were going to make blogging work long term. Audiences take time to develop. This would also discipline me to build my blogging muscles.

Here’s what I know now. Most people start a blog, but never continue. This would test my commitment and ability to sustain myself as a blogger. If I were going to start a blog today, I’d first want to make sure I was in it long enough to build my voice.

That’s what I’d do.

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8 thoughts on “If I Were Going to Start a Blog Today

  1. that was a great idea. But my thoughts are in contrast to yours. I started my blog then slowly went on building articles. I suppose your idea was better

  2. Hey Ron, very different theories to start a blog!! I'm pleased to learn such interesting ways to maintain a blog. I'm being following some of these ways but mostly will follow rest of the ways to successful blog experience.

  3. Ron I recently started blogging and I waited a few weeks. I really wanted to have some content by the time I launched it. I’m literally only in my second month but want to make sure I start right (or as correctly as I can) so I don’t have to go back later a fix a ton of stuff I screwed up. Any thoughts/tips/suggestions on beginning to build and audience and traffic?

    • I may post on this later. But, once you find your niche, interacting with those within that niche…through twitter, commenting on other blogs, guest posting and inviting other guest posts, appears to be the best way. 
      Twitter: Ronedmondson