How long do I spend editing a blog post?

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On my recent post “How a blog post becomes reality…” I shared ways I’m able to blog almost daily and keep bringing new topics to the blog.

One of the comments asked a great question in blogging today.

Could you give insight into how long you spend editing a post on average? 

Probably not long enough.

  • I normally edit as I go,…
  • Do a quick edit after it’s written…
  • Then right before it goes out in the morning I read over it again (sometimes this is as I walk the dog)…
  • and then often the best “catch” edit is just after it’s gone live. (Wish that was different, but it’s true.)

That’s my total process.

I am not a great editor, because I naturally read for content more than detail, but my total editing time is fairly minimal. I have actually caught errors in a post that has been live for months…even more than a year…when someone brings an old post back to my attention.

Occasionally, if I think a post has special implications…will be popular or could be misinterpreted…I’ll have my wife edit before it goes live.

Bottom line for me. I’m not editing at the level some would expect me to be. A single post on average has less than 15 minutes editing on average.

One thing I have observed is that blogging seems to have played a part in changing the demand for editing. So has all online writing. The fast environment…the desire to get an idea to “print” seems to overrule the need for perfection.

I realize this is a real problem for some people who are especially close readers, but it appears to impact book publishing also. Again, I am not a close reader, yet even I have found typos in a few books I’ve read in the last few years. I found one in a newer Bible I received. I have seen typos in some of the better blogs I read. And, some of the better bloggers have found typos in my blog. I’ve had others tell me they’ve discovered the same in books. Certainly, to me, it seems the modern digital era…texting for example…has lowered the demand for good editing.

I’m not sure the right balance. Being perfectly edited or getting an idea expressed. For me, I want to be edited enough to not be obnoxious to the average reader. I don’t want to consistently make the same mistakes. I want to do some editing. But, I want my time mostly spent on writing…not editing.

What are your thoughts on the subject?  Have you seen a decline in good editing? Does it bother you?  Is it more important to get an idea online or make sure what’s online is perfect first?

Weigh in and…feel free to edit this post.

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13 thoughts on “How long do I spend editing a blog post?

  1. I posted 587 days in a row on my blog. I would guess there were at least 587 things wrong, but when you are doing it before going to work and trying to make sense of your writing, as well as trying to help someone along their spiritual path, it is worth the risk of an error or two. Thanks for all you do and who you are!

  2. Thanks for the follow up post. I appreciate your transparency on this. For bloggers who have other primary duties (like me and you), the reality is we can't spend 1 hour editing a post. Just not possible! But I do think you are right – the speed of ideas today trumps the need for perfection. Sometimes this is harmful, but most of the time just practical.

  3. I strongly agree with you on the last point. There are certain things that you may not see unless you publish it. Experienced my self several times.

  4. It doesn't bother me on a blog because I feel like my blog is more laid back than my website. I write every single day and it all goes into my personal journal and from there, I choose things for my blog, but my website is different, I develop pieces directly from the thoughts God gives me and it is more edited and less loosely written.
    Twitter: kmac4him

  5. Are you serious? I can edit your post? Because I do see something!

    Yes, I've seen a decline in editing, and yes, it does bother me.

    I was reading a book the other day in which the author used the word "infamous" as a way to describe something "really famous". Infamous and famous do not mean the same thing. But my complaint is with the editor and publisher of the book who didn't catch that.

    Working as the office manager of my church, I've had to correct things from ministries before they get published. Mostly the errors are small and I feel bad pointing them out, so I think I have to qualify it with, "I'm sorry, I really should've been a Language Arts teacher!"

    Thus, the errors drive this perfectionist nuts! But I'm learning to look past them to learn from the amazing content!
    Twitter: kathyfannon

      • I love your wife! 🙂

        This line needs adjusting: A single post on average has less than 15 minutes editing on average.

        Seriously, thank you for so many encouraging posts; I've learned a lot from you! Have a great weekend, Ron.
        Twitter: kathyfannon