How a blog post becomes reality…

Blog word.

People ask me frequently…How do you write so much? How do you blog almost everyday?

Well, I’ve addressed this before, but it takes discipline and intentionality, but it really is simple when you uncover the process. In fact, so simple you may be surprised…maybe even disappointed there isn’t a more complex formula.

Here’s how most blog posts become reality:

Idea hits me – I especially write about leadership…and that’s a large part of my life…so the canvas is large. Plus, I have the privilege of living life vicariously through others as I interact with their leadership situations. Everything has potential to be a blog post someday. Something I read…something I hear…something I encounter…something I do…can trigger a thought. It’s often a small idea at first, but it strikes me as something that could be developed. The key is I’m always looking.

Write it down – The important thing here is to record thoughts as they occur, before the moment is gone forever. We forget far more than we retain. That’s why its important that I always have something nearby on which to record ideas. It is why I use Evernote a lot. This post started there. (I am still trying to find the best way to record shower thoughts.) I then dwell on the idea for a while…let it resonate with me. Whenever I go by the small thought again, if another idea hits me about it, I add those ideas to the file. It’s important that I periodically review the files I’m saving. I can almost always find a potential post I’ve had around for a while. (Right now there are over 200 new ideas developing. Some will never see the light of day…some you may see later.)

Write it – This is bottom line. I have to take ideas, as small as they may seem, and develop them. It may be a day, a month, or several months in the making, but at some point I have to expand the thought into something blog worthy. I have to write. I do this almost daily with one post.

Something tells me you have more potential blogs in you also. You simply need to be intentional enough to capture the ideas as they occur…and the discipline to write about the ideas.

This post provides a great opportunity for you to share your blog with me. Add a comment and tell me your blog address. I’ll check it out.

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49 thoughts on “How a blog post becomes reality…

  1. I am very grateful to you for sharing such information. I appreciate your posting write up! perfect for helping many people improve in their online marketing and blogging endeavors.

  2. Something I read…something I hear…something I encounter…something I do…can trigger a thought. It’s often a small idea at first, but it strikes me as something that could be developed.

  3. In October, I used the 31 day #Gratitude Challenge as a way to thank those who made a difference in my life and did better with writing daily on social media but I will continue the challenge next month by writing a blog of Growth and Gratitude. Thank you for your WOW! Wysjoyfulcompany

  4. Thank you for this timely advice! I’ve been struggling lately with the ‘validity’ of my ideas for my blog. When you said that some never saw the light of day, I realized I, too, didn’t have to write down just the good ideas, but that writing them all down is good practice. So that’s what I am going to do. And I’m forging ahead with my post about what a feather boa taught me about life, even though I had some initial doubts about it.

  5. Thanks for the behind the scenes look at your process. My process looks similar, with the sub point of "editing" thrown in. Could you give insight into how long you spend editing a post on average?

    I blog to inspire church leaders to think biblically at:

    Thanks for being accessible!

    • Probably not long enough. I normally edit as I go, do a quick edit after it's written, right before it goes out in the morning and then often the best “catch” edit is just after it's live.One thing I have observed is that blogging has changed the editing demands. A typo can sit for weeks without anyone pointing it out. The fastest environment to get an idea to “print” seems to overrule the need for perfection. I realize this is a real problem for some.I may expand upon this later.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  6. I love your twitter posts and your blog. Thank you for all the guidance you freely offer us. You motivated me to get serious about my blog again. I was good to post 3 or 4 times a week to begin, and now I see it is getting fewer, and fewer. Thank you for inspiring me again!
    Thank you!

  7. Great post Ron. I recently completed 31 days of blogging and I resonate with a lot of what you're saying here. I found most of my writing happened between 11:30p-1am…something that proved not to be sustainable. I still haven't found my non late-night rhythm. Thanks for sharing!

  8. My first time visiting here. Thanks for encouraging me to post more frequently and to be more intentional about recording my thoughts as they occur (as small as they may be). I know the truth about those seemingly insignificant ideas having the power to develop into something worthy…but only when we work at them!

  9. Ron, thank you for sharing your insight and the way you’ve developed great writing habits. You’ll see that my blog has been very inconsistent, but I have a renewed goal of 52 posts over the next 52 weeks.

    In the past, I have had dry seasons in finding ideas and I am now developing the habit – practicing a lot – of capturing every idea that comes into my head. I use Evernote, too, and love it. Question: do you keep a separate file for each idea or list ideas as they come into one file?

    Thanks again. I appreciate your wisdom and your sharing heart.

  10. Really useful Ron. Given me quite a few ideas. I only discovered blogging less than a year ago and as I don’t preach too often at church found it a really satisfying way to communicate with those I am leading, sharing the knowledge God has so graciously given me as I walk with him

  11. Ron, you need a LifeProof case for your phone to be able to grab those thoughts in the shower my friend. Thanks for this post. I've only recently started blogging. Evernote seems to be working great for me as well. I use it for everything else in life anyway, so it made sense to use it for blogging as well. Thank you for the short behind the scenes look. Thank you for your blog as a whole. I'm always encouraged and challenged by your posts. Keep at it!

  12. Thanks good post. I am really frustrated with myself when it comes to my blog, it is pretty much not happening. I wish I had the discipline you do, I get distracted from lots of life, or I let myself get distracted. Or like now, my kids lost everything in a fire and I am here helping them. I would love to hear some wisdom on how do you deal with distractions that come your way, and how do you get back on track after a major distraction or a transition. You are so faithful! My blog, I decided to start with things that I take out of my personal journal, I used to just post pieces of my personal journal but I am trying to make it more readable, haven't been faithful enough to it to get it going. My website does well, but I am not as faithful as I should be in changing it out I guess you could knick-name me "The Distracted One" LOL… thanks for this post it encourages me to get back on track! Blog: Website:
    Twitter: kmac4him

  13. Good advice. I use Evernote to capture all my ideas for blog posts too. Love it.

    Not quite a year ago I started a blog about preaching. Thought it would be fun, plus I could only benefit from writing to help me clarify my thoughts and ideas. Had no idea so many people would actually read it. It has been amazing to see how just sharing some ideas online can impact people around the world.

    It’s if you are interested. If not, no worries. Love your blog!

  14. Thanks Ron for being so unbelievably consistent. I'm just (re)starting with blogging, since mid August, and began with my own commitment to posting twice a week. My process is basically what you describe, and it seems to be working so far.

    Here's my blog: