5 Steps in Planting a Church or Launching a New Ministry

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I am receiving an increasing number of inquiries about church planting or launching a new ministry. I like that. It shows people are still willing to walk by faith. Having planted two churches and after helping numerous non-profit ministries see their start, I’ve learned a few things, many of which I write about here. I’ve also learned there are a few common steps in a successful launch.

It doesn’t really matter what the ministry is…the launching process is relatively the same. You should know I’m a simple-minded guy. But, time and time again I’ve seen simple work. Sometimes we over complicate things.

I’m not saying simple is easy. It hardly ever is. I’m saying that we should not make the steps more convoluted than they actually are and that the more we can simplify the steps into an easy to understand format the easier it will be to complete them.

Here are 5 steps to a successful ministry launch:

Vision – Get a clear, easy to understand, worthy vision that honors God and brings good to other people and for which people can get excited.

People – Recruit people who love the vision as much as you do. If you can’t find like-minded people, it will be very difficult to be successful in the new ministry. I always believe, and have witnessed it repeatedly, that if God is in this, He has already been shaping the vision in other people’s minds. We just need to find them.

Equip and assign – With people contributing, determine the tasks needed to accomplish the vision. Help people understand their unique role in accomplishing the vision and assign them to specific tasks. Give them the resources they need and make sure they are clear on their assigned role.

Energize – Keep people motivated towards the vision by continually reminding them of the overall purpose and their significant place in accomplishing it.

Release – Let people do their part to accomplish the vision. Give real ownership. Delegate. Don’t control.

Simple enough? What would you add?

Any of these you’d especially like me to expand upon on a future post?

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13 thoughts on “5 Steps in Planting a Church or Launching a New Ministry

  1. very helpful material indeed, i’m on my way of starting a new ministry bcoz of the burden God has put on me, were to start from seems to be a chalenge please help.

  2. To,
    Dear Pastor
    Greetings to you in the name of our Loving and Living God, Thank you so much for sparing your time and reading this letter. We have been working based on Matthew 5:15; Mark 16:16; we are empowering indigenous and transforming the Community through Good News.
    We are followers of Christ who are excited about what God is doing in our lives and how He will touch this area through the Holy Spirit. God calls us through His word and with the Holy Spirit. FACT is faith-based gross root Missionary Organization. We have been reaching un-reached people. Church Planting, Outreaches, Crusades, Pastors Training, Youth Camps, Helping abused & Neglected Children and Prostitutes.
    We believe without taking care of their physical needs it is not complete Gospel. And without perching the Gospel, the Social work is also not fulfills their spiritual needs. We have been doing this Ministry from 2004. We are committed to preaching the word of God and helping poor and depressed people of this area. OUR PASSION IS TO HARVEST THE SOULS AND SHARE THE LOVE WITH ACTION. At present we have been working in 4 Revenue Mandals in 25 Villages in Krishna District of Andhra Pradesh, INDIA.
    Evangelism through its Church Planting Ministry has enabled several Non-christen to know the Lord and be part of a Bible Believing Fellowship especially in the Villages and Rural areas where there are not any Church and Missionary work. FACT had burden and concern to reach the un-reached Villages and planting the Churches in remote area.
    We started this work in 25 Villages, no Church no Gospel and they were not hears the good news, no one reached these Villages. They are idol worshipers, worshiping the stones. and women, we have started this work among these people. The Children are not entered the school, these people are living in poorest of the poor and pathetic conditions. We are taking the good news for these people.
    We are asking your prayers and fellowship. And we are inviting you to visit our Ministry to see the real God’s work with the help of Holy Spirit. Kindly visit our Ministry share the word of God and strengthen their faith through your participation. We are inviting you in the name of our Loving and Living God. Our natural tendency to love people with more than words, causes we are practicing inaction. FACT Ministries is Evangelical Organization committed to prayer, preaching and the teaching of the Gospel of the Jesus Christ.
    By the guidance of the Holy Spirit we are submitting this letter. The Lord is going to uses you in a big way to glorify His name on this earth and He is going to bless you in Mighty way. We are looking forward and hearing your and participation in our work. May God bless you.
    Yours in His Service,
    Rao. http://www.faithinalmighty.org

  3. Thanks for the post I will surely share these tips with the everyone. One more important thing to consider while planting a church is to have proper planning and budget and organizing special events regularly that will make learning more fun and collaborative.

  4. I think the steps you have outlined are so important, whether you're planting a church or launching a new business. You need to know where you want to go (vision) and have enough help to get there. You can't do it all alone, so you will need to find like-minded people who want to reach the goal as much as you do.

  5. Very good! Thanks! Have you noticed lately that the Lord is shifting people all around in this season of the Bride of Christ. A lot of people being called out to plant new ministries, so this is a great and timely word. I know of three couples who God asked to leave everything and go to Colorado to plant a church. So Amazing how God does that and equally amazing to see people just daring to obey and being called to God 1st. I specifically would like to hear your wisdom on the RELEASE, the “giving of ownership”, kind of like Moses Father in law did for him. How does that look practically, the “giving of ownership” because that is so necessary in every church plant. Thanks!
    Twitter: kmac4him