Danger: A Team Without a Leader…

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I’ve seen many leaders make this mistake. They believe in teams, so they create a bunch of them. They charge them with carrying out a mission…an assigned task…part of a great vision.

But, the team doesn’t work. Nothing gets accomplished. There is no forward movement.

Why? They had a great team.

But, they didn’t have a leader.

I believe in teams.

I even love the word.


It sounds cooperative. Energy-building. Inclusive.

Create great teams. I think you should.

But, make no mistake about it…every team need a leader.

Teams are great, but at some point in time, a leader needs to stand up. And lead.

An organizational team without a leader is like an athletic team without a coach.

Would you recommend that for your favorite sports team?

Of course not.

Lead by teams. But, make sure every team has a leader.

Make it a point to never appoint or release a team to do work…until you make sure a leader is chosen.

Have you seen a leaderless team flounder?

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12 thoughts on “Danger: A Team Without a Leader…

  1. True! Five years ago I was on staff with an amazing staff team. We just 'clicked' well. We all shared eachother's work load and passion for each ministry. The Lead Pastor, however, wasn't in a good place to lead well and the result was a 100% overhaul of the staff. I still wonder sometimes, "What could have been?"
    I share all that to say, when you experience a great staff and a great leader…YOU HAVE FOUND GOLD! Treat it as such 🙂

  2. Yes I have, I am watching it right now as people I love are moving forward on a staff after their senior pastor fell into sin and they have decided they don’t need a senior pastor, that they can run the church with the pastor staff they have and not have one person lead and you can see the confusion and chaos that has ensued… sad… and this is some great wisdom today! Thank you! I really do believe that putting this into practical practice in staff meetings of every department where the staff people bring up the names of people who are already operating in gifts and serving, but don’t have a leadership position title, but are already being a leader. Because I believe a servant leader is not given the title of leader because they have gifts, but are given the title because they are using those gifts, serving and being the leader and we on staff give them the leadership title that they are already performing unto God. Recognize the people in your area who are serving and leading, because these are the servant leaders who will be your future titled leaders.
    Twitter: kmac4him

  3. You got all Yoda-ish there with the Create great teams, I believe you should. Loved it.

    How would you recommend finding a leader for the teams you build?

    • Depends on the group. If there's a definite leader you want driving the vision, appoint them when you appoint the team. If there's not, then let the leader rise out of the first meeting, but make that their first assignment.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  4. I was on a committee, at Church, that had several good members. Not one of us were excited about being on the committee because the staff member in charge of them, never took an active part! He came, saw how many were in attendance, said thanks for the good work(?), then left. We never knew what we were supposed to do!
    Then we hired a new staff member to take his place, and he was all about being active! We suddenly had a plan, a vision, a reason to be there and achievements! It was wonderful!!
    Twitter: bryankr