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3 thoughts on “Living Job’s Life, Part 4 (God Answers)

  1. My sons are grown now, but yes, I took them. We went as a family. I don’t think you need to go just besuace you feel guilty if you don’t go, but it is a part of cultivating their spirits the only part of parenting that is truly eternal.Kids don’t always want to go to school, but we realize is is needful and good for them in the long run (a neccessity)-I see church as even more important. (Especially if what is learned in a service is practiced through the week).Your kids will eventually get used to the separation (just as they do in pre-school) and they will be learning valuable lessons that will benefit them throughout their lives.Sometimes, it’s just being intentional about it. I WILL MAKE IT A HABIT TO ATTEND ONE SERVICE WEEKLY WITH MY CHILD. Hearing their little questions and comments sparks some great discussions at home, too. My church services are like a shot in the arm for me. Always refreshing/inspiring and gives me a different perspective and reminds me to go to the Word of God myself for wisdom and direction when otherwise, the cares of this world get me all side-tracked.