How Do You Find So Many Great Restaurants?


I’ll be honest…I like to eat. It’s become somewhat of a habit, in fact.

Our boys used to make fun of Cheryl and me because we would often drive long distances to eat.

Since, we’ve moved to Lexington, KY, we’ve determined that there are nearly 100 locally owned restaurants…and we are half way into exploring them all. We’ve uncovered some gems too.

People keep asking us…they always have:

How do you find so many good restaurants?

People who have lived here for years are learning restaurants from us. I kind of like that.

But, it’s a great question…and by the way…the answer serves as a great leadership and life principle as well. (If you knew me…you already knew that…right?)

Here is the answer:

We don’t limit ourselves to what we already know.

  • We take risks
  • We explore
  • We listen and ask questions of others
  • We venture off the path everyone around us has paved
  • We occasionally even get lost along the way
  • We aren’t afraid to be the first ones (in our circle of influence) who try something new

We will often Google reviews and we are impacted by them somewhat, but mostly we just take chances. That’s where we discover some of the greatest places.

Recently, we were in Maryland. We took the road less traveled, ended up on a dead end at the ocean in Virginia. It was a dive. It didn’t look like much on the outside, but it was great. Another gem.

You see, for us…
Being stuck with the same short list of restaurants…with the same menu items…

Boring…boring…very, very boring. (That’s actually a song in my head…wish you could hear the tune…)

That’s our secret. How do you find good restaurants?

And, just curious, does that represent how you do life?

By the way, it’s how I often do leadership too.

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10 thoughts on “How Do You Find So Many Great Restaurants?

  1. Yelp is the way to go, and you don’t get lost as often. Gives reviews, menu, and all the contact info you need.
    Twitter: Ryansfoster

  2. My wife and I love trying new restaurants. Here in Greenville, SC, restaurants are everywhere and you can try any kind of food you want. One of the best things we found with trying a new place is to do it with others. We'll invite another couple to try it with us so that it's not just a "solo" endeavor, we'll build relationships, and enjoy the gift of the wonderful variety of food that God has given us. Great way to go through life- enjoying God with others!

  3. That was really good. Thanks! You guys are adventurous! For me to be adventurous God has to push me so hard. I wish I was more adventurous. I guess I am beginning to be more so, since I retired from 25 years of working out of the gift of administration for His churches, but I still trip over that gift on the way to being spontaneous. I don’t know how to change that. I am uncomfortable with spontaneous. Have you ever heard of planned spontaneity? LOL! God has a sense of humor though, He has totally shaken up my life and I am learning new things in this season of life, at first “kicking and screaming” but now, settling in and hopefully learning to be more adventurous. I am doing a new thing. Shall you not know it? hmmmmm
    Twitter: kmac4him

  4. I'm a creature of habit for sure. It may take some getting used to to approach life the way God has gifted you. By the way, if you're into Hispanic food, stop by Vineland, NJ. We have plenty of whole in the wall places that make good "home-cooked" food…:-)