How to Become a Regular Church Attender

I love when people who don’t currently attend church, give church a try. Many of these once attended church, but for some reason, they no longer do. The best church growth, in my opinion, happens this way. And, statistics tell us there are plenty of people willing to give church a try if we will simply ask them. (Hint. Hint church people.)

The most common thing I hear from people who begin attending church or who want to is that it’s hard to get into the habit of church. I understand. Beginning anything new requires a change of lifestyle. That can be difficult.

Recently someone asked a great question, “How can I get my family back in the habit of church again?”

Great question. I’m so glad you asked.

Here are a few suggestions:

Recognize the greater purpose – Why are you going? If it’s to check it off a “feel good” list, that won’t sustain you when a “better offer” comes along. If it’s part of your spiritual growth process…if it’s making you a better person…if it’s to serve others…fellowship…grow…you’re more likely to be committed long-term. You’ll also complain less when the message isn’t the greatest or they don’t sing your songs 🙂

Discipline until it sticks – I don’t really get up wondering if I’m going to church. And, I didn’t when my family was young and I wasn’t in ministry. It was a habit. If you attend long enough, without too many breaks in between, it will soon become a very welcome and comfortable part of your weekly schedule.

Plan the night before – Don’t make the decision to go to church Sunday morning. Make it Saturday night. (or earlier). Lay out your clothes. Plan your breakfast choices. Set your alarm. Be prepared.

Find a place to serve – If you really want to go for the long haul in church attendance, find a place to serve in the church. If there’s not a place, stand in the parking lot and welcome people. Become a servant of others and you’ll not only be more faithful in attendance, you’ll get more out of the experience.

Make it a priority – The reality is that we make time for things we value most. If your kids want to play soccer, that game becomes a priority, right? If you want church to be a regular part of your life….make it important enough to follow through.

Help this post. I’ve never had a time in my life when church wasn’t part of my weekly routine. If you have, and you now attend regularly, what happened?

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8 thoughts on “How to Become a Regular Church Attender

  1. I grew up in Church, but never really understood my part of the congregation or the ministry of the Church until I went to college. There I had a chance to grow in Christ and actually find my own place in it! When I graduated and started working, I found myself not able to get off on Sunday, much less attend Church. Some years later, I got a job that allowed me to work Monday – Saturday, and off no later than 4pm! So, now I have the ability to attend on Sunday AND Wednesday evening. During the years I couldn't go, my temper became unbearable, even for me. I had more and more problems dealing with stress. When I sat down and thought it through, I discovered it was because I had found my place in the ministry of the Church and had developed a hunger for it! When I was not able to attend anywhere, it had it's effect on me in different ways, but I actually wanted to be there. I needed to be in a Church, anywhere, and "plug in" to the ministry they had. In short, I suppose it was absence makes the heart grow fonder sort of thing. I need that place. I may not always agree with a particular program, may not like the Pastor! I am not there for the program nor the Pastor! I am there to serve God, in any way He cares to put me to work.
    Twitter: bryankr

  2. I see Jesus' disciples not being discipled within the context of a regular meeting…they shared life together….you referenced acts 2 in which the church "had all things in common" and we see that throughout acts. They were doing life with each other in a real way…not the way most people in churches do it today.

    My question is: in the way most church is done in the the US today, is going to these planned services (productions) necessarily as important as what we make them? Seems to me like I was alway copping out of discipleship with someone because I could always just invite them to chuch.

    I believe in the priesthood of all believers, I feel that the American church relies to heavily on the educated and ordained to do the discipleship rather than themselves personally. The great commission is for all of us

    And please be informed tht I am not giving push back to be conflicting, I'm just trying to figure all this out myself as well.

    • So am I. At my church we are asking these questions too. It is relationship that has spurred my spiritual growth best. Not through programs.The Jews seem to have this process figured out better than us sometimes through their questioning process, yet of course Jesus criticized what they were doing with what they learned.Still, the context of the church still seems to be where those relationships are best formed. One reason I moved to an multi generational church is to attempt to spur intergenerational relationships for better discipleship, mentoring and life modeling. But I need the younger ones to “show up” in order for any of that to work.Thanks for processing.
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  3. Dale and I both grew up attending churches in our individual little towns. When we dated, church was an important element of that process. After we married and moved to Ohio, It took a little time to find the church in which we felt comfortable and whose choir and minister fed us the words we needed to hear to know God was still in our lives and we needed to listen and follow. The demonination didn't change that need. When we came back to Ky we picked up at Central Baptist and went right back to Bible study and Choir. Before our children were born it became necessary to move to a new church and after months of visiting we both felt Immanuel met us and we could fill positions of service there. That was about 40-41 years ago. We taught our children it was a privilege and honor to go to S.S. and church. You are right; Sat. night is pivotal. We have never regretted our decision tho the world moves within the church and changes were not to our liking nor circumstances we desired; but we are not there for a person, we are here/there for the purpose of learning, loving, giving and serving. Not sure you needed to know all this, but now you know us.

  4. Is this really the goal? Getting people in the "habit" of coming to church? Another butt in the seats? Is this the church's goal? If people go through these "motions" does that make a church successful? If people do this, what is there identity really in, the church (building, pastor, programs, etc….) or Christ Jesus?

    This way of thinking and doing leads to a performance based Christianity, something most people don't want to be a part of.

    I disagree with the fact most people would go to chuch if they were just simply invited. People ore more likely to go to church once the church goers invite them in to their lives.

    What you have stated in the post seems good from the outside but in reality if people actually do this you may be growing in numbers but you will find your church a mile wide and an inch deep.

    • I disagree. Respectfully. If you know anything about my teaching or follow my ministry you'll find grace as the center of it. But I'm a proponent of church attendance. Regular church attendance. It's part of discipleship as much as disciplined giving or serving others is. Jesus came full of grace and truth. Discipleship happens within the context of regularly meeting with others striving to live out grace in their life. It's not about performance, it's about developing as a believer.But, even said, the question I was asked is how to become a regular church attended. That won't happen just because a person believes grace. It will require discipline. I once ran a marathon, but I didn't get there without training my body. I answered how to train ourselves to be regular church attenders…if that is what someone wishes to be.Hebrews 10:24. Acts 2.
      Twitter: Ronedmondson