Another Characteristic of Leaders with Long-term Success


I previously wrote “One Secret of Leaders with Long-Term Success“. I still believe that’s a powerful part of leadership. At the same time, I talk with leaders (mostly pastors) every week who are questioning if they can continue to lead in their current positions. Sometimes the pressure of leadership is more than one can bear. Many of these leaders tell me they have some good days, but it’s the bad days that get the best of them.

I understand.

Leadership is full of:

  • Ups and downs
  • Highs and lows
  • Good times and bad times
  • Wins and losses
  • Congratulations and complaints
  • Pats on the back and personal attacks
  • Days of certainty and days of confusion

If you’re a leader, you know each of these.

The problem in leadership is that there are no guarantees. Leadership is going somewhere the team hasn’t been. It requires steps of faith, courage and tenacity.

If you want to last as a leader, you’ll have to learn to endure the varying seasons of leadership.

Leadership is at it’s best when we learn to endure.

Where are you right now? Are you struggling as a leader?

(Send me a private email so I can pray for you.)

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3 thoughts on “Another Characteristic of Leaders with Long-term Success

  1. As a leader, you must always have the positive mentally even if sometimes there are really some things by which our anger overrule us. Also, be sure to be an open minded at most of time to welcome any suggestions and concerns by your employees.