What experience does for you…

You are never the same…

After a major stretching moment in leadership…in life…you never stretch back the same.

Even if its a failure…it will serve a greater purpose.

You’ve got experience now.

You’ve got a story.

You have more wisdom.

You’ll be better able to stretch the next time.

You may not enjoy the stretching you are currently enduring, but keep in mind…it’s making you someone new.

A better, stronger you.

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7 thoughts on “What experience does for you…

  1. Agreed Ron! I am reminded of an older saying ~

    "A fool is one who doesn't even learn from his own experience.
    A genius is one who learns not only from his experience but also from others experience."

    Reading is one habit which has helped me personally to learn a lot from others experience.

  2. Exactly am in a stretching moment where am being stretched beyond my stretching limit. Times are hard and difficult on my side but i know it will be a story and a testimony. thank you for encouragement

  3. In a stretching season that seems to have gone a long while. Perhaps the effect of the season will also go on for a long while. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. Good stuff, Ron. After a stretching season I'm reminded of the saying, "I can let it make me better or bitter." Corny phrase, I know. But it does speak to the choice we have in these sorts of seasons.

    I choose to let stretching times make me better.