10 Random Post Election Thoughts

I couldn’t get on with my day until I processed a few random thoughts. So many. Many undeveloped. Very random. More to come.

I see so many comments through social media. Some of hurt. Some of frustration. Some of anger. Some of rejoicing. (I am glad I have friends on both sides of the political spectrum.)

10 random post election thoughts:

God isn’t perplexed today about the state of our country.

Fear is an emotion and not necessarily a reality, but perfect love casts out fear. If I’m afraid I should trust in You…in God whose word I praise.

I am supposed to pray for even my enemies…and those with whom I may not agree. Have I done that?

I wonder if our unifying answer is beyond our current two dominant party choices.

Christians have a unique responsibility. We are to respect authority, pray for our nation, and care more about its soul than its economy. I wonder how well we are doing that?

Just because God allows a king doesn’t mean He has chosen to bless a nation with one. That could be true of either party candidate who was elected. Remember the story of Saul and David?

Our country needs the Gospel even more than it needs new jobs. Revival often starts with a few people.

When the country is less unified, the church should be even more unified.

What if President Obama chose Mitt Romney as his new Business Czar? (Supposedly a position he’s proposing.)

I am looking forward to Sunday. My favorite day of the week.

Listen, as an encourager and teacher of God’s people, speaking to the church, let us not become weary in doing good. In due season, we will reap what we sow. Let us be be an example for our nation today. At work. At home. In our hearts. Let us show and be the love of Jesus. He is still our hope.

Draw near to God and He will draw near to us. (James 4:8)

(By the way, I have another theory about the state of the church as it relates to the state of our nation, but I’ll save that for another day.)

Back to work.

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36 thoughts on “10 Random Post Election Thoughts

  1. Even though this is older,I'll add my two-cents here. I do not know the heart of the President to comment on his Christianity. I think the stances taken both by Darryl and Lee are polar opposites and are both wrong to some extent. I don't think that Mrs Obama is homely or necessarily typifies the "Angry black woman". And I think that attacking her looks or personality has nothing to do with the President or his governing ability. But Darryl gives the President waaaaaay too much credit. I an appreciate his stance that yes, 200 years ago, the thought of a Black president was in another galaxy. However, President Obama is NOT who I would be looking to as a role model. he's a typical Chicago Democrat. I would not typify him as a man who can do the job, Anyone who even remotely looks at the state this country was in 4 years ago and where it is now, can not escape the obvious conclusion that his Presidency has taken us to the brink of financial ruin. I do not find him articulate, but rather glib. I do not find him necessarily intelligent, but more of a smooth operator. My personal opinion is that any one who really believes in him and voted for him is either mis-informed, blind to the truth, or so hungry to either have a Democrat or a Black man in the office that common sense is put to the side.

    I also do not know Mr. Romney's state of Christina belief so won't comment on that either. But whether he's a Christian or not, having him in the office would be preferable to having another four years of the man and his philosophies that have been do detrimental to the country,

    For those that remember Reagan…remember how pointed the other side was with the debt and deficit that he was accused of running up. Where are those Democrats and liberals now that THEIR man has done so much incredibly worse on that front?

    In either case, he is the President and we need to pray for him that every day his policies and thoughts are governed by God. If he IS a Christian as Darrly purports, that shouldn't be a big stretch. Time will tell I guess.

  2. Ron, it was great of you to post your thoughts. It seems obvious that you didn't intend for debate or foolishness to take place as a result. I would like to speak praise over you for your decision to refrain from arguing or slandering in return to these discussions in any of these comments above. I hope that those of you who read this may feel a sense of conviction and seek to remove the root of these actions for the sake of the conditions of your hearts. And in turn spend your time encouraging others to invest in the Kingdom instead of placing strife between co-inheritors

    • Thank you. I've debated taking down some of the comments, but I realize its part of what we re dealing with as a nation these days. Your Revelation comment is dead on correct!
      Twitter: Ronedmondson

  3. Darryl, frankly I'm sad that you're a pastor. Recommend you reconsider your calling and think about becoming a community organizer. I want a pastor who has discernment, and you obviously have very little. You support a candidate who disagrees with you, but you support him anyway. Don't you think that's kind of dumb? Sure, I know Mitt Romney is not a Christian. Mormonism is a cult, and Mormons are not Christians. The late Jerry Falwell was confronted with a similar issue once. He was asked what he would do if he had two candidates: one an evangelical Christian who held liberal, anti-biblical views and another a non-Christian who held conservative views. Without hesitation, Falwell said, "I'd vote for the unbeleiver every time." Do you think the low-life gutter campaign that Obama ran was one that a Christian would wage? Hardly. If the First Family is so eager to live out their Christian faith, why do they never go to church? Oh, and when the Obama family did attend church they called on Jeremiah Wright as their shepherd. You see why I don't they're Christians?

  4. Wow! As a pastor, I can only pray for you as you make those hurtful personal statements about the President and his lovely wife. Even though we KNOW Gov. Romney wasn't a Christian, we could still respect his business acumen, courage of his wife as she battled illness, and family. When you have two Ivy League graduates, who profess Christ in the White House, who put together coalitions that won two American elections, that had to be a factor. I will always be a proponent of traditional marriage, and opponent of same sex marriage. But as I said, that existed before the president took office, as did the deficits, and would still exist no matter who was elected. We can only change those things through spiritual transformation through Christ. We need to reach people with the gospel! Remember, Jesus died for sinners like you and me. As He changes hearts we will see real change in our nation!

    • Darryl, you need to make a decision. Will you stand with the Lord or with Barack Obama? I choose Jesus. I know He can transform people except those who fall into the Romans 1:28 category, and I believe that is where Barack Obama stands now.

  5. Darry, Barack Obama is not a Christian. He's an infidel at best and a heathen at worst. Let's face it. Most African-Americans voted for Barack Obama because he's black. They could not see past that. They betrayed their faith and their nation to support one of their own. Just because he is married means very little. Besides, I've always thought Michelle Obama was homely and typifies "the angry black woman" syndrome. Obama has no redeeming features, and there is no good in him. The only prayers he deserves are those of an imprecatory nature. The only good he might do is bring America to its knees through his toxic, inept leadership.

    • Matthew 7:1-5 Judging Others-7 “Judge not, that you be not judged. 2 For with the judgment you pronounce you will be judged, and with the measure you use it will be measured to you. 3 Why do you see the speck that is in your brother's eye, but do not notice the log that is in your own eye? 4 Or how can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when there is the log in your own eye? 5 You hypocrite, first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye.
      I do not know where you live, but my community is very International and multiracial. Your message is one of hate, if you represent Christ, I cannot see or find him in your message. November 6, 2012, will be recorded in history as the night the “New America” Reelected President Barack Obama as the president of the United States. What happened in the 2012 Presidential election is an indicator or signal of the rise of a new America. The train moved out of the station on November 6, 2012. The world is changing President Barack Obama did not just win reelection last evening. His victory signaled triumph of a new, 21st-century America: we are multiracial, multi-ethnic, and global and moving beyond centuries of racial, sexual, marital and religious message, especially the message of hate coming from Christian Based Organizations. Howard Fineman wrote “Barack Obama, the mixed-race son of Hawaii by way of Kansas, Indonesia, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago, won reelection because he not only personified but spoke to the New America, as did the Democratic Party he leads. His victorious coalition spoke for and about him: he won the white vote (about 45 percent in Ohio); 70 percent or so of the Latino vote across the country, along with the African-American vote; and very large proportions of Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders” If you are not aware of the “New America” U.S. Census numbers will tell you the story. In the first decade of the new millennium, the Asian-American population rose 43.3 percent, the African-American population 12.3 percent, the Latino community 43 percent — and the white population just 5.7 percent. The 2010 Census marks the first time in our history, Minority babies born in the US outnumbered white babies born in 2010. In a few years, preschools will become minority white. We are born again Christian, we love our Lord, we share his love and grace with the world. The New America is also a different church, we proclaim Jesus Christ to multiracial, multi-ethnic. The Homogeneous churches with the older generation, 80% white will not survive in the future. Church growth will be vastly different; we will have a very different younger ethnic diverse generation. Churches using the same homogeneous strategies of the past will find them completely irrelevant today. If we are going to reach people, then we must do more than simply have a welcoming attitude towards diversity. We’ve got to be intentional about growing churches with a culture of heterogeneity. Obama reached out not only racially and ethnically, but in terms of lifestyle, his message was one about our future, your future. I am sorry he has love and he has compassion. In his campaign offices all over the country the field workers were of every race and background, One office manager was Pakistani-American, volunteers were Hispanic, Asian, Japanese all American Citizens working for the future of America. May the love of Jesus Christ remove the anger from within you. Through God all things are possible.

      • Demographics may change, but God's Word is a constant. I have no racially-based opposition to Barack Obama, but I detest him because of his anti-biblical stances on marriage, abortion and support to Israel. Plus, he's incompetent to boot. The GOP does need to do a better job reaching out to minorities, but Obama is still wicked anyway you slice it.

        • Lee,
          I am not going to continue this discussion, our god is a loving God, he is God to all Mankind, he hears
          the prayers of the president just as he hears your prayer. May God fill your life with Peace, joy and Love.
          I am on my way to my to my church to participate in our Thanksgiving Meal, I am thankful God has placed you in my life, I will always remember you in my prayer. Peace be with You.

  6. Ron
    There are African American, biblically conservative evangelicals who are not in a state of mourning but relief! We have a highly intelligent president, who can do the job, and recognizes that the demographic landscape of this nation has changed forever. He has confessed with his mouth that Jesus is Lord where the other candidate hasn’t . Our ancestors never dreamed a first term was possible in this nation nevertheless a second. We didn’t vote for 1st pastor but president. Just as we are disappointed in stances on abortion and same sex marriage we were disappointed in the others beliefs about Jesus, eternal life, and other biblical doctrines. He has a beautiful marriage and family, and is living family values. We trust God is sovereign and believe His Word has told us to at least respect the office of those in authority. Real transformation comes from heart transformation through a relationship with Jesus! That should always be our focus and stop putting our trust in man created political parties. We had all of our problems before President Obama. Trust God and move forward in my opinion.

  7. Bride Of Christ… Stop Whining! Are You Going To Praise Him On The East Bank Of The Red Sea As Well As On The West Bank? Considering HE Was The One Who Told The Israelites Where To Camp, And It Caused Them To Be Trapped On The East Side Of The Red Sea With The Enemy On Their Heels. God Had A Plan!! We Are The Bride Of Christ! Yes, These Are Hard Times, Yet Our Brothers And Sisters In Other Lands Are Dying For Their Faith! In The USA, We Have Been Very Spoiled. It Is Time To WAKE UP! Be ALL-IN With God! Wholly-HOLY Devoted To Him. It is time to put the sacrifice back in our salvation! God's Purposes Are In Play! He Did Hear Us! He Did Not Go On Vacation! He Is Working In The Unseen; His Kingdom Purposes Are In Play Right Now! He Has An Endgame, It Is Eventually For Our Good. Nothing Happens That He Does Not Purposefully Allow For His Kingdom Good. It Is NOT About Us! We DO NOT Belong Here, YET We Do Belong To HIM! Balance THAT! WE are being grown up, made ready and are to serve HIM and HIS Kingdom. What has changed? God Is The Common Denominator Of All Things. God Is Moving Forward. God Is Working In The Unseen For His Kingdom Endgame. We STILL have a future and a hope! God Is Calling Us To Himself 1st. God heard us… but do we hear HIM???? God answered, not the way of our "Earthly Perspective", but the way of His “Kingdom Perspective”. Maybe We Need To Let Go Of All Things Earthly Perspective And Gain A Whole New Kingdom Perspective! Because really, all He asks of us is to believe in HIM, be ALL IN His Way, His Truth, His Life and GO… MAKE disciples. WHOLLY-HOLY-HIS!!! We Are The Bride Of Jesus Christ! Just BE……… This message was approved by Jesus Christ!

    Twitter: kmac4him

  8. Regarding thought #1, I reminded myself last night that God already knew who would win, and it wasn't something I needed to worry about. This morning, I tripped over Psalm 72 and decided I'm going to pray portions of it for President Obama whenever he comes to mind. God sets up kings, and instructs us to pray for them, so that's what I'll do.

  9. Some good thoughts, Ron. However, let's not deceive ourselves here. The evangelical Christian church took one on the chin last night. Our influence is fading, and people just don't fear God any longer. So many people called out to God on this election, and He chose not to hear us. The world sees this. Biblical Christianity now has very little credibility left in this nation. The Dems boo God at their convention, and how does He respond? He sends a hurricane that winds up making Obama look good. I don't understand it. The only hope for our nation is a spiritual renewal, and getting a lot of these blockheads who voted for Obama saved. I'm not holding my breath. It may be time for Plan B, but we still have figure that one out. It may already be too late for us.

      • I don't like being so negative, Ron. However, there's very little for Christians to take solace in after last night's disaster. I would disagree with you, though. I think God is very perplexed with the state of our nation. Oh, and I would be very upset with Mitt if he meets with Obama. He doesn't want to end up like Chris Christie or Charlie Crist.

        • You can find a lot of encouragement and instruction for these times in the book of revelation. I would just like to encourage you to understand that God has a plan and He will use every event, may it be public or secret, to the good of those who are called to His purposes. Through all God will be glorified. We have the choice to co labor with that intention and reap its reward, or sow against it and feed on our just desserts. Either way glory will be to the creator of the universe, the author of truth, and the maker of the way of all things good and perfect and inspiring and worthy of awe.

  10. You nailed it! (or God's Word). Thank you again. Passing this one on. And making a difference in the little venue God gives me today.
    Twitter: eccle0412

  11. I agree with this…but it is too bad that if someone tries to start a real push for the gospel and it reaches the mainstream media, he will pinned as a radical right wing conservative