Sometimes we have to run in the rain

It had been a stressful few days. Running is one of my best releases from tension. It had been raining for days. I’m a runner. I decided to get wet. I went for a run. A long run.

If you’re a serious runner, sometimes you have to run in the rain.

It was a good reminder. It is that way in leadership too. It’s that way in all of life.

Sometimes you have to run in the rain.

You can have the best principles and serve on the healthiest of teams, but…

Life happens. People happen. Unexpected happens. Things break. People break. Times change. Sometimes quickly.

Sometimes it rains for days. It even storms at times. Lots of times.

Don’t be surprised on days it seems everything is going wrong, you can’t keep up or you feel overwhelmed. It is part of leadership. It is part of running in the rain. It’s part of life. Even John Maxwell’s team would occasionally, probably often, run in the rain. All teams do.

Great teams learn to run in the rain.

In fact, if it didn’t rain we wouldn’t need a leader. Most of us could take a walk in the park on a sunny day on our own. When it’s raining; when the storms come…When the wind shifts in a different direction…That’s when we need a leader.

As I think about it, leaders prepare us on sunny days for days when it is raining and the winds are stronger than normal.

But it’s starting to sound like another post, isn’t it?

Next time. In the meantime, don’t shy away from the rainy days. Just run.

Leader, are you currently running the rain?

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14 thoughts on “Sometimes we have to run in the rain

  1. I think it's more than just "push through." Leadership is about specifically preparing for the rain. More importantly, preparing for different kinds of rain. If you don't plan for these things you will eventually be caught by something that you can't just run through. The problem is too big, complex and fast moving. And you'll be hit emotionally more when you weren't prepared so it's harder to recover and adjust. And you will have failed your team.

    Being a leader requires digging into the details of not only what's possible (positive) but what's possible (negative). We prepare in the sun for the rain and run our plan in the storms.

  2. Not currently, it is sunny! BUT there have been some major storms in the past that I have “run through” and found my place of refuge. When you wear glasses, you can’t see as well in the rain and I find I stumble over my feet until I find my way to a refuge from the storm and wait it out. Omnipresent Reality Check! God is always present, He doesn’t check out when the rain turns to a downpour! He is still there. He is still for us. He is still working out His purposes in us and through us. The cool thing is God is not surprised by a sudden downpour, He has already planned our way out of the storm, always a refuge for us. He is the coolest leader ever! Our Way-Maker! Sunny days, stormy days, whatever the season, He is always making a way for us!
    Twitter: kmac4him

  3. After months of continued prayer and knowing what I have to do (get uncomfortable), it felt great to read this after just turning in my thirty day notice at the school I am working at this morning. I feel like I'm moving from the comfortbale storm to the rain showers…but this rain is refreshing.