A Leader in Time of Crisis, Uncertainty or Change

After the riot in Ephesus (Acts 19:21-41)

How did Paul respond?

Read it for yourself:

After the uproar was over, Paul sent for the disciples, encouraged them, and after saying good-bye, departed to go to Macedonia. And when he had passed through those areas and exhorted them at length, he came to Greece. Acts 20:1-2

That’s the role of a leader in times of crisis. In times of uncertainty. In times of change.

The people following you are looking for assurance that everything is going to be okay. They want to know there is a plan. They want to hear things are moving forward with confidence.

Help people process the pain of their circumstances.

Give them hope. Encourage. Challenge them to continue.


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  • You're right, its all about informed choices. People should be given the information and allowed to make their own decision and I will go to your blog repeatedly for some latest post because this is awesome article.

  • Ron! This is a new perspective. I have not noticed it before. This quality is one the important attributes of a great leader.

    When I read this post, I was reminded of the words of American poet Maya Angelou ~
    “I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

  • Everyone need encouragement from time to time. When things are uncertain this need is greater! A leader must be able to see when things are becoming uncertain and give special attention and encouragement to those they serve.

  • margaretfeinberg says:

    never noticed that detail before. Thanks for pointing it out today!

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