Leader, if it’s driving you crazy…

Leader, if it is “driving you crazy…”

(Which is a phrase I often hear leaders say…)

You have two options:

Do something about it

Live with it and quit complaining

You don’t want to be crazy, do you? 🙂

Which are you going to do?

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5 thoughts on “Leader, if it’s driving you crazy…

  1. Amen Ron. I think this applies to anything in our lives, whether it relates to leadership or not.

    It makes me think of those that complain they're overworked, overweight, or unhappy. They like talking about it but doing something? Oh no! That can't be done.

    Thanks for saying this today.

  2. Pastor Ron! I would go with option – (1) "Do something about it" and leave the rest to God . Personally, I find it very difficult to "live with it and quit complaining."

    True, I feel desperate about things which don't fall according to my expectations. But, over the years, I have learnt a principle ~ "Do my best and leave the result to God".

    This strategy has helped me in maintaining peace in life.