12 Random Thoughts on Change

Change never happens without sacrifice

Change is seldom popular with everyone

Change is always occurring…whether planned or unplanned, yet there are things that never change

It’s easier to introduce change in a culture that embraces change

Change works best with advanced preparation

Change may bring about some of the best things in life

The more you practice change, the easier it gets

All change starts with one step

Fear of the unknown keeps many from embracing change

Refusing to change doesn’t ensure that you won’t have to

The change you are most afraid of is possibly the one you most need to make

Often you have to change yourself before you can encourage change in others

What would you add about change?

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18 thoughts on “12 Random Thoughts on Change

  1. Change is more relevant in our life today more than other time in entire history. Today successful businesses thrive by adopting themselves to change. (There are many organizations which have become extinct by refusing to change).

    Whenever, I feel the resistance to change, I start reading the book "Who moved my cheese?" by Johnson. That keeps me reminding that nothing is permanent in our life and it is important for us to embrace the change proactively.

  2. Dan & Chip Heath in their book "Switch" talk about change requiring self-control from people because as you state, change creates a fear of the unknown. They continue with this axiom of change: "Self-control is an exhaustible resource." So while some people just flat out don't like change, I find that many people get emotionally spent in the change process. As leaders and change agents, we need to speak to the heart and emotions, as well as provide intermediate/interim structures and systems for people to grab on during the change process. William Bridge's "Managing Transitions" is another great resource for change management.

  3. Change will happen with you or without you, because of you or in spite of you: should you find yourself on the wrong side it's up to you to change sides.
    And one obvious one….Change is good.