What Every Senior Pastor Needs From His Staff

This is a guest post by Eric Speir. Eric is a staff pastor, writer, blogger and educator. He likes to use biblical principles, coaching, practical wisdom and encouragement to help others to thrive in every area of their life. You can read more of his posts at www.ericspeir.com and follow him on Twitter @ericspeir.

What every senior pastor needs from his staff:

Being a pastor can be a lonely and brutal job. It’s a task that requires determination, tenacity and a work ethic that rivals most NFL coaches. Even if a pastor is gifted in many areas he cannot accomplish everything on his own. In fact, pastoring is nothing new, because it’s been around for a long time.

In the Old Testament Pastor Moses, the first mega-church pastor, had more problems that most pastors can dream up. At one point he almost had a nervous breakdown until the Lord intervened and sent him a wise mentor and raised up a staff around him.

If Moses couldn’t do everything by himself, then it is more important than ever for a pastor to have a staff around him that can help to accomplish the God-given vision. With this in mind, there are some characteristics that every pastor needs in a staff:

Every senior pastor needs a staff that…

• Is committed to the same vision he is. If you’re not committed, then find somewhere else where you will be. There’s no shame in finding a place where you’ll be effective in ministry.

• Will overlook his bad days. David had the chance to stab Saul in the back when he caught him with his pants down, but he chose not to. Remember, everyone has a bad day!

• Will pick up the trash when he needs you to. Simply put, don’t be afraid to do something that seems beneath you.

• When you say you’re praying for him, then actually do it. Being a senior pastor is a tough job that most people won’t ever understand.

• Has his back, instead of talking behind it. In other words, when you have a problem, bring it to the team, instead of to people who can’t help.

• Can help solve problems and be team players. Jesus couldn’t do ministry by himself, pastor’s can’t do it all either.

• Can think BIG! Anyone can be small-minded, but it takes someone extraordinary to think what could be.

• Can laugh and cry with him. It’s easy to forget your pastor is human and bleeds the same color blood as you. Just because he’s the spiritual leader, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have needs as well.

What would you add to this list? How can you serve your leader better?

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15 thoughts on “What Every Senior Pastor Needs From His Staff

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  2. I've seen "rubber stamp" staffs, and "polar opposite" staffs and the heart ache that they bring. But what I love is a staff that will speak the truth to me in love, and also be a part of my "shield wall". Friends that will keep an eye on me after I preach when I am most vulnerable, friends to laugh with me at a goofy movie. Friends that walk in grace and don't take what I say too seriously…they are the best…I will die for them and they for me.

  3. You could just as easily reverse this list into "What every staff needs from their Senior Pastor…" I was fortunate enough to have a Sr. Pastor who "got" this… I've seen some who don't…

    Appreciate the blog post!! How much more can the church impact our world when we have pastoral teams that exemplify Christ!

    • I have seen pastors who did not exemplify this very well either. It's unfortunate that someone would act inappropriately. I'm very fortunate to work for such a strong leader, who is a great man of God.
      Twitter: ericspeir

  4. Every pastor needs staff that does not take offense. Because of relationship, they know the heart of the pastor and support the dream and vision of the house. They are leaders and take no offense, rather they encourage and lift up.

    • That's a great point Charles. It's easy to get offended because of something a pastor said or did. It's important that we take the time to know their hearts so that we know it was not personal or not something they would normally do. This type of forbearance goes a long way. Thanks!
      Twitter: ericspeir