People Have Power

It doesn’t matter what your structure is, if people have influence, regardless of their position, or lack thereof, they have power.

They have power to help the cause.

They have power to injure the cause.

If people have influence, they have power.

One mistake I see leaders make is failing to recognize the people with power in an organization.

Pastors, this includes you.

In this subject, what you don’t know can hurt you.

For more thoughts on this subject, read “Doing a Stakeholder Analysis“.

Have you known people who didn’t have a position, but had tremendous power in the organization?

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2 thoughts on “People Have Power

  1. In an organization, I have seen people who do not wait for the position! They start leading from where they are! Personally, I too believe that leadership is not about position/ title but it is essentially about influence. Of course, whoever desires to lead from wherever they are face obstacles and hindrances. In my experience, I have seen wise people who are mature enough to exercise influence in all directions – above to their supervisors, across with their colleagues, and down with their subordinates.